Finally…Satire: Joe Biden v. Catholicism

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I thought you would like this somewhat satire from The Federalist about Joe portrayed as a “devout Catholic”:

The Federalist states:

“There’s been some confusion about journalists labeling Joe Biden a “devout Catholic.” For those of you who luckily don’t work in the media industry, let me fill you in.

A “devout Catholic” is a politician who claims to be Catholic, yet dissents from the church’s social teaching on causes that are near and dear to leftist pundits. So, on the one hand, Biden supports taxpayer-funded abortion, has officiated at a same-sex wedding and vowed to force nuns to buy the Pill. On the other, he wears a rosary around his wrist, which according to CNN makes him Mother Teresa in a blue blazer.

Meanwhile, a public figure who upholds Catholic social teaching—Amy Coney Barrett, for instance—is not “devout,” but an extremist. Hopefully, that clears things up.

Now, far be it from me to judge Biden’s faith. That’s between him, his confessor, and God. Yet the former vice president surely opens himself to criticism by constantly touting the depth of his Catholic faith while publicly flouting every one of its teachings.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to have another Catholic in the White House. But that assumes a President Biden would govern like a Catholic, and not a generic liberal Democrat, which seems doubtful.”

Below is a video. Click HERE to view the video that is 1 minute and 50 seconds long.

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2 Comments on “Finally…Satire: Joe Biden v. Catholicism”

  1. Biden is a disgrace. In good conscience I don’t understand how he can consider himself to be a good Catholic. He does not follow the dogma/principles of the Catholic Church and should not be receiving communion. He supports abortion which the Catholic Church considers the life of the newborn is very precious.

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