Finally, in Tragedy, Nick Cannon Gives Glory to the Goodness of God in His Pain and Sorrow [Must See Video]

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Watch this powerful, heartfelt video of Nick Cannon on his national broadcast telling the tragic story of his baby.

Listen as he acknowledges his faith: “I have so much faith in the Lord, so much faith in God…” and as he talks about prayer and the strength of God.

What would you say to a national audience?

This powerful video could help you witness the love of Christ and the comfort of the Spirit in times of tragedy.

Watch it HERE.

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4 Comments on “Finally, in Tragedy, Nick Cannon Gives Glory to the Goodness of God in His Pain and Sorrow [Must See Video]”

  1. I am a little perplexed by your decision to exalt Nick Cannon as a man with faith in God. He does not believe in monogamy and has had 7 children with 4 different women, among the kids are two sets of twins, so never a pregnancy with the same woman. He had the last baby with a woman he was not even “partnered” with. This is a man whose concept of God is juvenile and just wrong. Please choose godly examples more carefully.

  2. The Lord uses pain and tragedy to draw all of His children closer to Him. I see a broken man acknowledging the Father in the midst of deep grief losing his son. If God can use David and call him a man after God’s own heart perhaps there is hope for Nick Cannon. Hope for all of us who fall short of God’s glory, and call on His name. I say we pray for each other in the midst of our hurts and that the Lord brings salvation to all. Life is so short.

  3. God cares more about where we are going opposed to where we have been. Thank you Jesus for Your mercy & grace! Nick seems to be in a humble posture acknowledging His Father in the midst of grief. That’s always where the Lord wants us to be – with a contrite spirit. The Lord is girding him with His strength.

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