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Laura Daigle: Today’s Show Special Performance.

Millions watched Grammy-winning singer, Lauren Daigle’s special rendition of her song, “Look up Child, the title track from her new album.

Incidentally, like all Christian artists, her concerts completely ended in March…but she is still reaching the hurting with her great music.

Your can see the TV clip by clicking here.

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2 Comments on “Finally…”

  1. I will wait and see if she is really a believer. God gave her a beautiful voice, will she uses that blessing for the glory of God. We don’t know.. There are so many famous pastors, singers felt from the glory of God, because they still have a world view, not biblical view.

  2. Tina, are you using the same criteria to test Craig Huey’s faith? Seems he is a lot more interested in defending President Trump, who seems to check off all 7 of the abominations in Proverbs 6:16-19, than with God, who clearly tells in His Word what HE considers abominable.

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