Feeling Defeated? Craig Huey’s Message to Dr. Carol Swain Gives Surprising Hope and Actionable Advice for Christians to See Cultural and Political Victory

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I was just put on the hot spot on a national broadcast by Dr. Carol Swain. You can watch it HERE.

Dr. Swain asked what many are thinking…there is no hope…why should I bother to vote…I’ve given up…

My answer was what everyone needs to hear.

Dr. Carol Swain is one of America’s leading and most knowledgeable voices on America’s cultural and political crisis – especially the growing Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Dr. Swain grilled me with tough questions on the future of our culture and Republic, the path to turning things around…and how Christians should respond today.

You must see this. In it, I am asked by Dr. Swain:

  • What we should be doing as people have lost hope and faith when it comes to politics.
  • Should we just turn our eyes to Christ and accept that we are in the last days, or should we stay in the fight politically?
  • How can you win an election if you believe the other side is willing to cheat and there is no accountability?
  • Why the lockdown? Science and data or political control?
  • Little known secret about pastors and the 2020 election.
  • Pastors: politically correct? What to do.
  • Critical race theory and the church – what you should know.

We also discussed the free states vs. the oppressed states, comparing lockdown states like California with free states such as Tennessee.

Dr. Swain’s closing remarks: “As for America, we are in new times and it is troubling. As Christians, we know to put Christ first. We should not allow the government to interfere with our right to worship. When it comes to the political system, we must make sure we have trust in the election process. We must be involved at the local level and speak with our state legislatures. You never know when outsiders will come in and change your rights.”

Watch the entire broadcast – it’s about 30-minutes. Click HERE to watch the interview.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@electionforum.org.

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