Easter Message Controversy: Why Trump Angered So Many [Video]

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In his White House Easter message this year, President Trump boldly acknowledged the resurrection of Christ…

And he quoted Isaiah 60:2 … a portion of a major prophecy concerning the promised coming of the Messiah…

“For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; But the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.”

The media and the liberals all hated it…

You should know what Trump said.

Here’s a link to his short 1 ½-minute video message:

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25 Comments on “Easter Message Controversy: Why Trump Angered So Many [Video]”

  1. I loved loved what my President saidThank you Jesus for his boldness an continue to pray he will stand for what God says an not listen to ungoldly men an will listen to people that are true an just. Esther

  2. Absolutely loved his message. Jesus Christ has risen and yes, He is coming back. Thank, God we have someone in the White House who acknowledges that. Please continue to pray for our President and his cabinet members and that the swamp will be drained.

  3. That is the most eloquent speech he has ever given; from anyone in government. Especially about
    God. Thank you Mr. President and God bless

  4. My heart was absolutely thrilled and blessed to hear President Trump proclaim the Easter message so clearly and boldly for it is indeed, a biblical message that everyone needed to hear from the very top of our government. How refreshing to hear Truth proclaimed across the land! It was the most wonderful Easter greeting that I’ve heard from any of our past presidents.

  5. Thank you President Trump,you made this Easter The most cherished since I live here 37 years ago,and became US!Citizen in 2000, Coming from Italy, God Bless you your family and , so happy I voted for you,and will do again,

  6. It is so refreshing to know we have a leader who is a LEADER!! and that he believes in the Almighty God. Being a PK (preachers kid) I am most impressed with the fact that he will stand up for what he believes.. and is not afraid to announce it to the world. we need more like him in our government…We were founded on Christian principles and should remain with them if we want protection from above…THANK YOU “MY PRESIDENT” Donald J. Trump!!! IN GOD WE TRUST

  7. Understanding the past of (our wonderful) President and acknowledging how he has been bold in recognizing God & our Lord Jesus Christ speaks volumes to the point that he was appointed for this time in history as God shows His Mercy on His people who confessed our sins, asking for forgiveness and for a leader that will bring God back into the center of America!

  8. By far the boldest and most refreshing speech he has given thus far…..I’m sure our liberal citizens cringed…. as in the days of Noah

  9. It is refreshing to have a president who recently re-dedicated his life to God after years as a prodigal. He understands our Judeo Christian heritage in America, he believes in Trinity, he understands the eternal spiritual significance of good Friday and Resurrection Day. Unfortuna-tely because of decades of liberalism, secular humanism, new age/eastern religions, atheist/socialist philosophies slithering into our culture via schools, music, TV, books, movies, the celebrities, etc, most folks are ignorant of Biblical precepts/virtues and the great gospel Truth. The Bible says in the last days, there would be mockers & haters of God.

  10. This Easter proclamation is very Biblical. Praise God for Trump to be bold giving it in the White House.

  11. This was the best Easter message I can recall ever hearing from a sitting American president. It is so refreshing and necessary to hear. I am proud of our president and his courage to boldly proclaim the true meaning of Easter. We must keep him and his administration in prayer for God’s safety and guidance.

  12. Great message …and so refreshing after 8 years of “hatefulness” towards Judeo Christian Americans . Thank you Craig …so glad I’m back on the list . We need you up here in Lancaster /Palmdale . Congressman Knight is running again …and boy we have to unite the Conservatives . I will e mail you privately .

  13. We at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills were so delighted about our Presidents speech. Pastor Jack played it for us. I don’t remember a president ever in my lifetime that had made a proclamation such as what President Trump had made. Bless our President and the lovely First Lady.

  14. Thank you, President Trump for shining on The day of Resurrection and Passover!!! Thank You, Lord that we have a President who isn’t afraid to stand up for You. I am one Conservative Christian who is totally, 100%, behind you, President Trump. And now I am pretty sure that Jesus is also. Thank you for your Easter message. Nancy Dodson

  15. Thankful we have a president that will boldly stand up for God, love it,thank you President Trump

  16. Thank God for President Trump. He is bringing God and the Bible back to Washington. Pray for him.

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