Christian Business Owner Stirs Up Controversy [Videos]

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As a Christian business owner, I pay close attention when I see other Christian business owners using their position to witness about God’s love.

For example:

  • In-and-Out Burger has Bible verse references printed on the bottom of their cups and French-fries boxes.
  • Forever 21 carries clothing with Christian themes and slogans.
  • Mommie Helen’s Bakery has Bible verses on its store walls.
  • Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby don’t print Bible verses on their packaging or products, but their founders and CEOs are very outspoken about their Christian faith … and their faith influences their business decisions.

I was watching TV a few nights ago and saw this powerful 30-second commercial:

Not surprisingly, the commercial has created a lot of controversy … and calls for a boycott from progressive groups.

What do you think?

Can you share other examples of companies that share their faith?

And if you know of any Christian business owners, encourage them to go to the Convene Leadership Summit – May 2 through May 4 – in Newport Beach, California:

Here’s a 3 ½ minute video about the core values that drive the business model of Interstate Batteries … It’s worth watching:


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5 Comments on “Christian Business Owner Stirs Up Controversy [Videos]”

  1. Its so encouraging to know there are businesses that were started and continue to be run with good values. Thank yo for reminding us of who they are so we can support them.

  2. Hobby Lobby also build the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC and has a bold display in their stores about it……God bless all Christians who share their faith boldly….

  3. I really appreciate all you do, Craig, to encourage and build up the body of Christ. I enjoy so many of the articles and notes you send. Thank you! . . I knew Interstate was Christian based and that came out clearly in the videos you posted. Thank you for letting us know about the Christ Centered businesses that are taking their faith into the marketplace. I believe that’s the next place where revival is going to happen, in the marketplace with business people fully committed to serve Jesus in all they do. We’re building a community of believers to be marketplace ministers in our church to stir that revival.

  4. Thank you for what you are doing with Reality Alert. This is my first email. It’s very encouraging to see more Christians having the courage to witness in their businesses.

  5. Chick-Fil-A also plays Christmas music on their intercom all day long. It is wonderful eating there and hearing the same music I sing in Church. It is great. It isn’t too loud and the non Christians probably don’t know what is being played, but I do.

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