5 Comments on “Carrie Underwood Discusses Faith on Oprah”

  1. I used to be a a Carrie Underwood fan until she joined the Homosexual supporters. All of my CDs went to the trash can.

  2. I believe Carrie Underwood & her husband are somewhat believers, but, if the book “The Purpose Driven Life” is their favorite to read together and learn from, then they have been misled by it. And, since she proclaimed awhile back that she is in favour of gay marriage, then I don’t think she reads the scriptures. A grounded in The Word believer can’t think gay marriage is ok. The Bible should be the authoratative book in their lives! I hope they will both see the Word of God as their defining factor someday, especially since Carrie has such an influence on young folks. You can’t be a mediocre believer and set half way on the fence.

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