Another Victory for Religious Liberty, Before the Most Liberal Federal Court in the Union

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Another Victory for Religious Liberty, Before the Most Liberal Federal Court in the Union

Religious liberty has faced unprecedented attacks across the country.

Bakers, florists, and photographers have been fined or forced to close their businesses just for refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding or any other activity which violates their freedom of conscience.

Now, police officers are arresting people for reading the Bible out loud in public?

That’s what happened to Mark Mackey of Hemet, California.

He was just reading the Bible outside of a local DMV, when a local California Highway Patrol officer Darren Meyers arrested him.

Mackey was later charged with interfering or obstructing a private business, even though he was not bothering anyone.

A video of the event clearly proved that the CHP officer was lying—and that had not violated the law:

But good news!

Advocates for Faith and Freedom filed a federal lawsuit for the unlawful arrest of this man.

A criminal court in Riverside County found him “Not Guilty”.

And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—the most liberal federal appeals court in the country—ruled in favor of Mr. Mackey, that he had every right to read from the Bible in a public place.

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5 Comments on “Another Victory for Religious Liberty, Before the Most Liberal Federal Court in the Union”

  1. The sheriff officer is so ignorant. I wonder how the uneducated officer becomes a law enforcement officer. It’s basic right that you can speech or preach in PUBLIC PLACES such as public schools, public parks, public buildings and so on. The DMV(Department of Motor Vehicle) is in governmental place. It’s a public building. It’s operated by tax payers. What a waste money spending that our blood tax money feeding these parasites.

    1. Ric, if you noticed, the officer got out of a California Highway Patrol vehicle, NOT Sheriff’s vehicle. From personal experience, I trust Sheriff’s Deputies more than police officers or CHP officers. Deputies seem to be more in tune with the local population than the others.

  2. We praise You Lord for yet another victory! May this encourage us to get out and share God’s word! Remember that God’s word never goes void.
    That officer needs lots of prayer. Let’s pray for him!

  3. But it is not over William Pryer is still being considered for supreme court He ruled against Roy Moore I called Ted Cruz’s office in austin to tell him not to vote for Pryer Anne Kucklick

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