Your Prayers Are Urgently Needed: Wildfires Destroying Homes, Lives, Land and More in Redding, CA

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Please pray for Bethel Church and for all of Redding, California.

A wave of wildfires – one of the worst fires in the history of the state – are spreading throughout Northern California, claiming homes, buildings and land in their wake.

The disaster has killed six people and nearly 1,000 houses. Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes.

The fires are taking a great toll on Bethel Church, where many of its members have been displaced by the fires, including Joel Taylor, the CEO of Bethel Music and Bethel Media.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is on the ground in Redding, ministering to families and individuals affected by the wildfires. They are helping to meet both practical and spiritual needs, as people have been ripped out of their homes and are dealing with the aftermath of losing everything they have worked for.

Please pray for:

  • Protection for all those affected by the fires
  • Peace to the state of California
  • Wisdom for firefighters and leaders
  • Rain and the ceasing of wind
  • Containment of the fires

“God, we invite You to come and bring healing and divine intervention to this situation, and to the fires burning throughout California. You are faithful, and You are sovereign over the weather. Bring restoring rains, and protect this land.”

Thank you for praying with us!

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2 Comments on “Your Prayers Are Urgently Needed: Wildfires Destroying Homes, Lives, Land and More in Redding, CA”

  1. Thanks Craig! All of us here in Redding are stunned at this horrific event. All of us have friends who have lost everything. My work has been down because we are a gymnastics gym and it is too dangerous with the smoke conditions to have the young ones come. So we are making due working on the building an getting ready for next week. The fire is still raging moving west towards Lewiston and Weaverville. Yesterday a fresh fire broke out about five miles from my home near Igo, Ca. Convoys of CalFire trucks are going through Redding everyday. My church, Bethel Church is filled with supplies to be distributed to the various shelters an families who like us, have spent lots of money in the evacuation, money that didn’t go towards our bills. The volunteer response has been awesome and everyone is keeping our chins up to encourage each other. This is the practical pouring out the love of God to our neighbors. If anyone wants to help financially (which is the best way now) they can text the following “$_____ Bethel Relief” to 45777. Or head over to to see what resources we need right now as well as donate. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. This will be a long term recovery but we shall make it for we are Redding Strong. Strong People, Strong Families, Strong City!

  2. From Bethel Church:

    How to Pray

    Winds to die down

    Provision (fiscal and practical) covering for those who have lost much

    Peace, safety and wisdom for our firefighters and first responders, as well as our officials

    Joy and hope levels in our city to rise and in the relief centers

    For certainty and strategy to battle the fire and to know its movements

    For total containment

    For the smoke to lift for planes to be able to provide air coverage

    For no more loss of life

    No more damaged property

    Incredible breakthrough in this fire

    Incredible provision

    For our city not just rebound, but to be able to fully recover the way God intended our city to.

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