Your Churches New Reality: Shall You Stop or Cut Your Children’s Ministries? [3 Important Facts]

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Cut your youth/children’s ministries and programs?

As churches come back from on campus services, the economic consequences of ministries are profound due to the pandemic financial consequences’ churches have experienced.

That is why churches are looking to see where to cut in their budget.

Here are 3 important facts every church must consider:

  1. Cutting budgets.  Most churches must cut, and often the children/youth ministries are one of the first to go or be downsized.
  1. Protecting Kids.  All of us want to protect children from disease.

But the reality is the Coronavirus is not attacking kids, but seniors with health issues.

Masks are not needed.

But more strategic seating and protective precautions on the health of the children is wise.

Make sure you have a well thought out program in place. 

  1. Why the Ministry is Important.  There will be parents and members who want to basically kill the teaching, worshipping, community, and fun of the youth program – do not let it happen.

But the kids need solid teaching on their level.

Remember, 6 in 10 highly engaged Christian parents say it is the children/youth programs as the primary reason they have chosen their current church.

Many grandparents take their grandkids to church as well.

As a former youth pastor, I can say the children/youth ministry is vital to your church…and to the salvation and grounding in God’s Word for their future.

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One Comment on “Your Churches New Reality: Shall You Stop or Cut Your Children’s Ministries? [3 Important Facts]”

  1. I appreciate any suggestion about children and youth program during the current “fear” situation.

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