Warning: Entertainment Has Become Indoctrination: Anne of Green Gables Now Promotes Homosexual Lifestyle [Video]

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My wife and kids love Anne of Green Gables.

In fact, my wife and I just told everyone they should see Anne of Green Gables on Netflix because it’s so good…

But we sadly warn everyone not to watch the new season.


Because nothing is safe anymore from the clutching tentacles of progressive political and sexual ideology – not even classic children’s literature and television.

Family-oriented entertainment is being turned into propaganda.

Let me explain…

The story of Anne – an 11-year-old orphan girl adopted by a brother and sister on Prince Edward Island, Canada – was written in 1908 … not 2008 or 2018.

But you wouldn’t know it from the content that’s being added to season two of the Netflix adaptation of the story … called “Anne with an E.”

The message Netflix is clearly sending to all children and adolescents who love Anne of Green Gables is that homosexuality is good … and should be celebrated.

In one episode, Anne, her friend Diana, and a boy named Cole attend a gathering of cross-dressing men and women at the home of Diana’s great aunt Josephine…

The group has gathered to honor the memory of Josephine’s departed “partner,” Gertrude.

As she observes the people around her, Anne says to Diana, “Isn’t this the most amazing group of people!”

Later, after Anne makes a comment about Josephine and Gertrude being “married,” Diana – who hadn’t been aware of her great aunt’s relationship with Gertrude – tells Anne their love affair was “unnatural.”

But Cole – a character who was invented for the Netflix series – straightens Diana out when he says, “If your aunt lived her life feeling … that she was broken, defective, or unnatural, and one day she met someone that made her realize that wasn’t true … shouldn’t we be happy for her?”

Cole later confesses to Aunt Josephine that he thinks he is “like you and Gertrude.”

“You have a life of such joy before you,” Aunt Josephine replies.

Remember, the moral relativism and promotion of homosexuality in this Netflix series is specifically targeting young children and pre-teens.

Here’s the official Netflix trailer for Season 2 of “Anne With an E.” It’s touted as a family-oriented series … and it seems benign on the surface. But if you watch closely, you will see clear hints of pro-homosexual content … content that Netflix doesn’t want you to notice until you’ve been persuaded to watch every episode. (2 minutes):


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7 Comments on “Warning: Entertainment Has Become Indoctrination: Anne of Green Gables Now Promotes Homosexual Lifestyle [Video]”

    1. we just canceled Netflix, so so they want to pollute young minds , check out pure flix we like it.

  1. No stone unturned, as they say. All must be corrupted and they get away with this crap. All of it enabled by 60 years of govt programs , indoctrination. Gary M.

  2. If you need another reason to dump Netflux, watch the episode, “Miss Magic Jesus”, on the Netflix original show , “Insatiable”. Very offensive! The part you want to look for is the singing and dancing performance by the girls. Listen carefully to the lyrics. Unbelievable!

  3. Yep. I used to have Netflix but cancelled. Even Comics Marvels are pushing their homosexual agenda to kids. When Netflix stared, the client could control and choose what they wanted to stream, but they took that previlege away and now supporting all kinds of wrongs in their programing and even pushing it in program that should be for families. The reason we purchase Netflix was so we could control and choose what we wanted to watch on TV without companies imposing their agenda on my family. Now even Comics Marvel like Superwoman, Flash, etc and all the Marvel Comics they pushing the homo agenda. That is unbelievable.

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