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Without a complete voter guide, millions of Christians, conservative Catholics, conservatives and libertarians will not know how to vote.

Without a complete voter guide, you will vote against your values for judges, propositions and dozens of candidates including … District Attorneys and Sheriffs.

The election is just weeks away.

But our voter guide has not received the necessary funds this year to be fully complete.

Maybe it is the pandemic … but remember it is individuals who donate that make the voter guide possible. We don’t receive any corporate or foundation financial support.

I really appreciate those who have made a financial sacrifice.

But to turn America around, we need your financial help now.

This is what one supporter said as she let people on her email list and Facebook page know about our situation:

“As most of you know, I’ve been sending out Craig Huey’s Election Forum voting guide for years now. He and his staff research judges, propositions, and all politicians from a conservative Christian worldview, and then create a detailed report. I know I would be lost without his help on how to vote my Christian values. Now he desperately needs our financial help. Please join Tom and me in contributing what you can. Just go the link “Your Help – Urgently Needed: Turning America Around. Thanks much.” –Nancy

Thanks, Nancy!

And can you help also?

Can you make the voter guide complete and successful by giving $10.00 or more?

Help be a part of turning our country around. You can donate online here.

Or call 615-814-6633

Or send a check to:

Election Forum
1313 4th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208

Let me know what you think. Email me at

6 Comments on “Voter Guide Warning”

  1. Why did you wait this long to tell us you had to pay for a voter guide?
    Most of us thought you were putting this together yourself.
    Thanks for the information,
    I’ll spread the word. But it’s lightly late.
    How soon will be get it once you pay?
    We have only a week before ballot arrive and people start voting and mailing ballots back.

  2. Thank you for all the work done on this project. I will make my donation right away. (Thank you for the straight forward direct request)

  3. I would love to please motivate every member to please go and vote in person and not by mail. We can do it. And let’s motivate others to go out and vote. Please !!!!! Let’s vote base on our values. Thank you so much for such a great information and yes !!!!

  4. Why is Nick C. Rini’s name not on the ballot for Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 80??

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