Voter Guide: How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Values Using Our Voter Guide

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One of the most important things in the 2020 election is to make sure you know who to vote for – with confidence.

Our voter guide helps you do this from president down to the local offices. That is why we encourage you to go to Click on Voter Guide so you will know how to vote for and not against your values.

You will see the confusing propositions.

You will see the important races for court judges.

You will see all the candidates.

Plus, for the presidential campaign, you will be able to also see a presidential comparison chart of the candidates running for President on the key issues.

And for those whose primary language is Spanish, we have both the voter guide and the presidential comparison charts in Spanish.

We appreciate those of you who have been helping donate to offset the expenses of putting together the voter guide. It takes hundreds of hours of research and a lot of detail to put together the voter guide online.

For those of you who haven’t yet contributed, could you please consider donating $10 or more?

We still have a lot to do to complete the Voter Guide. There are many races that we have not had enough funding to finish the research.

To donate:

You can donate online here

or call 615-814-6633

or mail a check to:

Election Forum

ATTN: Craig Huey

1313 4th Avenue North

Nashville, TN 37208

Our Voter Guide covers California from the north to the south … and all the state of Tennessee.

For judges, we do have the judges for over 400 races listed throughout the United States. Click HERE.

For those of you in other states, we encourage you to go to

What do you think? Let me know at

4 Comments on “Voter Guide: How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Values Using Our Voter Guide”

  1. For years you have helped us understand propositions, and voting records of the candidates. Pastor Terry Reynolds had you come to speak at Agape Chapel In Costa Mesa, CA. a few years ago. He was asking about how to contact you last week. I will pass your information on to him.
    Thank you for your teaching, on election issues.
    Sincerely, Kay Matteson

  2. When I click on link, I just get request to donate, not the voter guide. I’ve already sent in a check.
    We really rely on your research to help us vote for best candidates.

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