Ukrainian Churches Putin’s Target? How Russia is Using Christianity to Justify It’s Invasion [Video]

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Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church are on a united mission that could wipe out evangelical churches…and any religious opposition.

The media doesn’t mention it.

But one of the little-known forces driving the Russian invasion…and risking World War the misuse of religion.

I describe this in my article “The Ukrainian War: Christianity vs. Religion – 6 Little-Known Realities Every American Should Know”. Click HERE to review it.

Now Lauren Green did a great analysis in a short 2-minute video report.

This video will put the spiritual and religious missing pieces together to better understand the conflict.

You can see the video analysis by clicking HERE.

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4 Comments on “Ukrainian Churches Putin’s Target? How Russia is Using Christianity to Justify It’s Invasion [Video]”

  1. Russia isn’t risking WW3 NATO is. We are putting biolabs there. Remember Wuhan? First we lie about it, then we admit it. Come on man. We blame the Chinese one week and do exactly the same thing and that’s OK? The cognitive disconnect here is astounding.

  2. I’m sure Kirill is a modern-day Pharisee who enjoys his power and control via the church. But that is not the reason Putin would spend artillery and manpower on Ukraine. The biolabs, which the US is heavily involved in, is his focus.

  3. Craig – I usually agree with most of what you report on, but I’m afraid you are off base on this one. Putin is executing a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. It has two objectives and only two. 1 – collect information on, and then destroy bio-weapons laboratories (and kill the scientists running them – an objective that is about 75-80% complete). 2 – invade and destroy child-sex-trafficing sites and free the children (and kill those pedos running them – an objective that has freed 35,000, yes, thousand, children thus far). Taiwan, for the same reasons, is next. Both are necessary to set the stage for the next phase of dismantling the [D]eep [S]tate cabal.

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