Travel Warning: Beware of Hidden Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers

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Thieves continue to become more and more sophisticated in finding new ways to steal your credit card information.

One of the newest – and most technologically sophisticated – techniques thieves are using is to install what are called “skimmers” inside gas pumps and ATM machines.

The most advanced skimmers are operated by Bluetooth – allowing thieves to retrieve your credit card information remotely.

In a recent weekend, the Secret Service fanned out across the country and found 59 skimmers from 85 locations in 21 different states.

If you plan to do any long-distance traveling by car during the summer months, you can protect yourself from identity theft via credit card skimmer by:

  • Paying by credit card inside the service station rather than at the pump
  • Paying cash

Watch this short 2-minute video about the hidden dangers of skimmers and how to protect yourself:


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