The Shocking Truth About Your Local Schools: The Revealing Interview with One of America’s #1 Education Experts [Podcast]

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Kids in today’s public schools are in danger.

From K-12, indoctrination, not education, is happening.

Your area schools have teachers, curriculum and outside influences that are polluting the children’s minds.

I wanted you to hear from one of America’s #1 education experts.

I just got off the air with Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council. We talked about the curriculum that is being taught in the schools today.

Here are a few key points from the interview:

  • Parents think their kids are getting the same education that they got when they were in school… But that isn’t true.
  • People in education deny that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools… but it IS being taught… she gives examples.
  • There are national organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that have a curriculum for justice in schools nationwide – it is full of Critical Race Theory, queer theory, sexual politics and more.

It is all of the things that parents don’t want their children learning at school – and it’s not civics, history, science, math, etc.

  • The teaching of CRT happens in many different areas – even math is impacted.

For example, in math class people disagree that there is one right answer. Why? They say it is because of white supremacy.

  • There is massive brainwashing of kids today by the government-run schools – there is an ideology that is being imposed upon the kids.
  • Curriculum is being used nationwide from K-12 in which a worldview is being taught in schools – a worldview that looks at the world through a lens of race.
  • Every listener should think, pray and go to their school board and investigate the curriculum being taught in the schools today.
  • Helpful materials are on the Family Research Council’s website and can be found at

Click HERE to listen to the interview.

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  1. Thank you for what you are doing by exposing the agenda of those who hate Christian values and white people. I applaud your dedication and trust the Lord repays your efforts. Blessings?

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