The Rise of Tyranny: What if We Lost Our Freedom and No One Questioned Why, Not Even the Christians or Pastors [Video]

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Across America, pastors, business owners, and citizens are being arrested, fined and intimidated by government overreach – by tyranny.

In some areas secular, pro-socialist, ideologically driven governors, county supervisors and cities have crossed the line from governing to tyranny.

And it’s getting worse:

  • Thousands of pastors across America are opening their churches.
  • Pastors have been arrested or fined for holding church services – a clear violation of the First Amendment guarantee of the free exercise of religion.
  • Christians have been issued citations for attending church – another First Amendment violation.
  • Churches are being required to give their attendee lists to the authorities if they open up a church service – like the German National Socialist Party (NAZIs) did to the Jews when they collected the names of anyone attending a synagogue.
  • Mothers, dads and grandparents have been ordered in front of their kids to not allow them to play in their yards, go to a park or a beach … or even to go out on a walk or a drive.
  • Jewish funerals and weddings have been stopped. In New Jersey, 9 people were arrested for having a wedding ceremony in their own back yard!

The news of government tyranny is mostly ignored or is swept under the rug. Facebook, Google and YouTube censor any news they don’t want you to hear … and viewpoints they don’t want you to be exposed to.

The biased media ignores or distorts its coverage.

People fled to America 300 years ago so they could worship and live without government interference and intimidation.

That’s also what the American Revolution was all about.

That’s what the First Amendment of the Constitution is all about.

But in states like California, the constitution has been overlooked and ignored. For example, Governor Newsom allowed a pastor to be arrested simply because he objected to not being allowed to open up his church.

This Sunday hundreds of California churches will be reopening their doors without the state’s permission.

Attorney General William Barr sent a warning letter to Newsom to stop the discrimination against the churches.

Easter was canceled this year at churches … and few cared.

But now – after 3 months of economic shutdown and stay-at-home orders, protests have begun across America to end the quarantine and open up businesses and churches since it makes no sense to keep the lockdown going.

Pastors across America are defying the authorities who are denying them their First Amendment rights.

People across America want their freedoms back.

Politicians have no right or authority to close churches or make it illegal for Christians to worship together.

The First Amendment expressly prohibits government interference with religious freedom. This is the law of the land.

It’s foundational to our Republic.

The politicians abusing their authority and denying religious freedom are the ones violating the law, not the pastors and Christians.

My family – the French Huguenots — fled from religious oppression in France.

Freedom of religion is why they came to America…

But now freedom of religious expression has been converted from a natural right to a conditional privilege.

Power-hungry politicians have done this.

The media has created mass fear and panic in order to trash freedom.

The medical establishment and the so-called “experts” exaggerated and lied in order to increase their power and influence.

That should never happen under our Constitution.

Our freedoms have been trampled upon. Our rights have been ignored. Our Constitution has been made obsolete and irrelevant.

Every day new, unconstitutional mandates are being issued which ignore the Constitution … and which ignore Attorney General William Barr of the Department of Justice.

We’re told that to be safe we can’t be free.

Unlimited power to the mayor, the governor, the politicians … because it’s for our own good.

No worship. No school. No work.

Some politicians are keeping people in chains.

Patrick Henry said, “Is life so dear, or peace (and safety) so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of slavery?”

Apparently there are many in America today who would answer yes to that rhetorical question…

What will the politicians and the government leaders try to do next?

The answer is probably whatever we will let them get away with. It’s up to us.

Watch this disturbing video about the rise of tyranny in the U.S. (10 1/2 minutes).

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