The Power of Prayer: God Miracles in the Pandemic [Powerful Video on Miracles]

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Pray without ceasing.

Pray because it’s God’s will.

How about praying for a miracle?

Pray for a miracle about:

Pray for a miracle turn-around for our cultural rebellion against Biblical truth.

Prayer gives hope, because God is a God of hope.

And He still does miracles.

I’ve experienced answers to prayers… and yes… miracle stories thanks to prayer.

This includes:

That’s why in churches that remained open during the pandemic, even though in some states it was illegal, prayer meetings were still active.

And yes, prayer warriors are still praying at home.

But tragically, millions of Christians found themselves in isolation, distress, and disconnected from opportunities for individual or corporate prayer.

My church was open in May of 2020 and prayer was never stopped.

And miracles of healing continued.

Watch this dramatic, short video of a miracle testimonial.

Watch how God healed this woman from cancer. Click HERE to view.

Click HERE to see another short video on miracles.

Watch this video – when God said no. Click HERE.

For those in church, pray.

For those who can’t go to church, pray.

Experienced a miracle? Send me an email at

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