The Persecuted Church: What is Happening and How to Turn it Around [Podcast]

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In the United States, there is a growing assault on religious liberty.

But worldwide the assault against Christians and minority religions is increasing dramatically.

I interviewed Sam Brownback, a leading force in protecting religious freedom.

You can listen to the 20-minute podcast by clicking HERE.

Sam Brownback is a warrior for stopping persecution. He started a new organization called the National Committee for Religious Freedom.

Here are a few key points from the interview:

  • There are Christians that are being persecuted for their faith…in fact a historical genocide.
  • Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that is being trampled on in the U.S. and worldwide – and we haven’t had effective voices to push back.
  • There is hope for turning this around…but it takes important policy and leadership.
  • In the middle of Africa – you see militant groups attacking Christians now. In China. In India. In Indonesia. In Nigeria. In Syria worldwide.
  • We need to fight for religious rights in an election cycle.

Click HERE to listen to my interview. It is about 20-minutes long.

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One Comment on “The Persecuted Church: What is Happening and How to Turn it Around [Podcast]”

  1. The greatest victory Satan ever had was to convince Christians they should not get involved in politics.
    Politics is a part of this life. Jesus was killed through politics.
    When Christians said nothing about the changes in our culture it left the door wide open for Satan to move right through.

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