The Great Divide in America: It Blew their Minds, They Had No Clue

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Within the United States, the country is divided into mostly free states and states that are in tyrannical lockdown.

Those living in the lockdown states do not realize the fear, oppression, and lack of freedom they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.”

Those in the free states do not realize the peace and freedom of choice they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.”


Today there’s a great divide between the collectivism and state control of the lockdown states and the individual freedom of the free states!

When I went to Cuba a few years ago, I noticed that of all the countries I had previously visited and spoken in, my time in Cuba was the most eye-opening.

I never saw such oppressed people. Without hope. Fearful. Controlled.

That reminds me of the lockdown states today.

My wife invited two dear friends for over 30 years to visit our new home in the free state of Tennessee.

One came from Minnesota, a lockdown state. The other came from California, another lockdown state.

In both states, people are experiencing restrictions on business, on worship and on so much more – to the extreme.

The schools and teachers’ unions, the media and the politicians all are rationalizing the lockdowns. But they are not needed based upon hospitalizations and death rate.

The hospitals are not full.

The death rate is tragic, but the numbers are not the 2 – 3 million that are falsely claimed. And the deaths are mostly confined to those aged 75 years and above … physically compromised … or housed in nursing homes.

My wife’s friends saw those in Tennessee not wearing masks – in public.

They went to stores – no mask.

They went to restaurants – not only did restaurant guests not wear masks, but the waitresses and cooks were not wearing masks. And yes, packed full inside.

They went to church. No masks … and yes, packed full inside. Here is a video of the church services. Great Divide in States_video.MOV

They saw people worshipping just as before the pandemic.

No singing allowed in their states.

No inside church services.

No inside restaurant dining.

No freedom. Few choices.

What did they experience in a free state?

No mask. No fear.

Only joy. Only freedom.

The contrast in the states was dramatic and clear.

Had they not traveled, they would not have known.

Had they not personally experienced the difference, they would not have believed it.

To our readers in the lockdown states, it is time to be free.

To our readers in the free states, let’s keep it that way.

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4 Comments on “The Great Divide in America: It Blew their Minds, They Had No Clue”

  1. Anyone living in CA who would be SURPRISED that we are locked down and other states still enjoy their liberty must have been living under a rock in fear for the last 8 months and getting all their news from only mainstream media. I am only too well aware that some small minded power hungry guy 400 miles from where I live tells me whether or not I may sing or have guests to my house for prayer, I ignore him and his foolishness, have for 8 months, will continue. This virus is serious, but the govt. overreach and the fact that so many buy into to this foolishness is more than scary. I am concerned for the survival of our country and the American way. So many have apparently changed the last stanza in our anthem’s chorus to……………… “land of the weak and home of the afraid.”
    USMC Viet Nam vet

  2. I agree 100% Bruce. Thank you for your comments and your bravery, and your service to our beautiful, beloved country. Let’s hope and pray that last stanza does NOT get changed to that version. “land of the free, BECAUSE of the brave” is more like it. God bless you Bruce.

  3. I, likewise, want to thank you, Bruce, for your military service for our great country. I also agree 100% with your statement: “This virus is serious, but the govt. overreach and the fact that so many buy into to this foolishness is more than scary.”

    I am all for the Church defying governmental restrictions and reopening to the public. However, I believe there are 2 separate issues here: 1. Church re-opening and 2. Wearing face mask. I am a bit concerned that many church congregations do not encourage congregants to wear face masks. Wearing a face mask is inconvenient, uncomfortable, and “limits my freedom”. However, the science in favor of the case for wearing face mask is overwhelming.

    Studies by world renowned experts in epidemiology from UCSF have shown that the “typical” face mask (such as the widely available surgical face mask) will prevent about 75% of the virus from getting through to your nose. Not wearing a mask will prevent 0% of the virus from getting through. Wearing a face mask will also prevent 75% of YOUR germs from getting through to the outside world. Simple math says that if two people are next to each other, the risk of transmission is 16X greater if both are not wearing a face mask, and 4X greater if only one person wears a mask, compared to if both are wearing a mask.

    The White House “Rose Garden” event resulted in at least 20 known infections of attendees, including our beloved Greg Laurie. This was an outdoor event, where risk of transmission is far less than an indoor event like a church gathering. Numerous studies have confirmed that bars, restaurants, and church gatherings are at the highest risk for corona virus transmissionn. I am actually glad to see some of President Trump’s public events after the Rose Garden event are now mandating attendees to wear face masks. I believe that is a step in the right direction.

    Wearing a mask is not only good for the mask wearer, but also good for those around them. I would not want to be an asymptomatic transmitter of the virus to someone around me who doesn’t yet know Jesus as his personal savior, and who later get sick and die from my carelessness. My decision to be more careful about wearing a mask is more out of concern to others around me, and not so much for self preservation, since I already am confident about where I’m going after I die.

    Asymptomatic transmission is what makes this virus so dangerous. Experts in epidemiology have opined that if everyone wears a mask here in the US, we would see an end to the pandemic in about 6 weeks, and resume full economic activity. This would be a far more positive outcome than the repeated lockdown mandates we’ve seen due to increases in daily new cases of corona virus infections, which is likely due to the lack of compliance by the general public as far as wearing face masks goes.

    Church re-opening is a very good thing, but wearing a face mask is also a good thing. Wearing a face mask is like complying with the speed limit. Yes, both are inconvenient and “limits my freedom”, but I comply with both for the good of the many. I believe each of us is called to do our part in limiting the spread of the virus, and based on the available science that I’ve been exposed to, I’m doing my “little” part by wearing a face mask.

  4. Would you please identify the “FREE STATES” …. rank them in order of least restrictive to restrictive (degree of restriction) …

    Thank you

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