The Escalating War Against the Deep State Panics the Media and Politicians: 12 Shocking Disclosures of the FBI/CIA/DOJ Cover-Up and Abuse of Power [What Every Christian Must Know]

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The Washington Swamp is in a panic as it fights violently against itself…

The biased media is shouting that the Attorney General and investigating U.S. Attorney are lying…

The politicians are spinning lies to refute the corruption and abuses of power by the top Obama-appointed leadership of the intelligence agencies and Department of Justice (DOJ).

Here are 12 shocking and explosive disclosures and facts as Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham attack Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General whose report exposed massive corruption and abuse of power by the FBI and the FISA Court … but wouldn’t admit the full truth.

Shocker #1: Attorney General Bill Barr publicly disagrees with Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Barr goes on an unusual media blitz to say Horowitz was wrong in not blaming political bias (he was neutral on the issue) for abusing the power of the state against individuals, President Trump and the 2016 election.

Shocker #2: U.S. Attorney John Durham does what no U.S. District Attorney does.

He attacked the IG (Inspector General) Report just like Bill Barr did.

Shocker #3: Why Horowitz did not declare political bias.

He said the abuses were something he couldn’t determine.

Shocker #4: The top leadership of the FBI was corrupt and politically driven – not incompetent.

What the FBI did was purposeful.

Shocker #5: FISA Abuse

I have been an opponent of the FISA court because by its very nature it could be corrupt.

And now it’s clear – it was.

Shocker #6: FISA must go.

FISA authorization will be up for renewal consideration soon. Please sign our petition to end government spying of American citizens. Click here.

Shocker #7: Despite its shortcomings, the IG report was a bombshell report.

It exposed the high-level corruption that never should have happened.

Shocker #8: Illegal spying did take place.

They spied on candidate Donald Trump…

They spied on Trump supporters.

They accessed:

  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Everything

Shocker #9: They were trying to entrap President Trump!

The meeting after election in which FBI Director James Comey supposedly briefed president-elect Trump on the contents of the Steele dossier was an attempt at entrapment.

The FBI, CIA and DOJ wanted to entrap Trump … and catch him in a coverup.

Shocker #10: This is a danger to freedom — Spying and manipulation of our election.

The 2016 election and its outcome were compromised by top Obama government officials.

Shocker #11: FBI/CIA used the phony Steele Report paid for by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton to fool the FISA court.

And the FISA court fell for the deception … and went along with the scheme.

Shocker #12: Rep. Adam Schiff and other politicians lied.

They made false claims and created a false narrative based on their own concocted theories about Trump’s motives. They acted like mind-readers…

And the Steele dossier was the central part of their “crystal ball” that explained everything they believed about Trump’s character. It was their Trump Bible.

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