The Cry of God’s People [Video]

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They are in pain.


Because politicians and bureaucrats have shut down 67% of all churches.

In some states churches are open just like they were before the pandemic.

Some states are enforcing masks or social distancing, or requiring outdoor services only.

Some states are shutting down all church attendance in large gatherings. I have gone to church services – some legal – some illegal (See… I Illegally Went to church on Sunday).

But states forcing churches to close their doors have created a lot of pain.

Finances…dwindled to 50% or less in tithes and offering.



An estimated 25% of churches have closed forever – gone.

Here are a few letters we have received…what would you say to them?

Letter from Nadine…

Yes, I agree with you. But where do we go if there are no churches willing to go against the government in my area. We must stand together even worship outside if that is what it takes.

Letter from Chrystie…

Depressed and discouraged that my church (Reality Ventura) doesn’t have the courage to open wide for Sunday services! Our pastor says he is restricted to 100 worshippers only on Tuesday night prayer service. I don’t get it. Seems like he doesn’t want to take the chance…

I would be there every Sunday and take the chance of going to jail if our doors would open.

These are just a couple of the letters. Some have made me cry.

Then I get letters saying they are too fearful to go to church.

What would you say?

I get letters saying streaming video is up so everything is okay.

What would you say?

I get letters from pastors telling me some subscribers are putting too much pressure on them to open their churches…or, just shut the church up.

What would you say? Email me your thoughts at

3 Comments on “The Cry of God’s People [Video]”

  1. I called my church a couple months ago about having services, but it seems the Pastor, and therefore the elders, were too scared of man and wanted to obey government rather than obeying God. I have no fear of man or this virus. Where I live, in California, Gov. Newsom told churches that we can’t even SING in our choirs! I’m in our church choir, and am missing singing for all these months. It seems that our Guv doesn’t use medical science to make his decisions. I follow God NOT MAN. I am not fearful of going to jail, even though there’s a minuscule chance of that happening. We have held outdoor services for the last six Sundays, thank God. I just pray that God ends this virus scare. So many people are paranoid and cowardly about this. God help our country when so few people have the backbone to stand up against bad government. Thank God for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Otherwise we’d be a Third World country by now.

  2. The Lord hasn’t shown up the churches in the USA for sometime. Most are a business as is obvious when the government (daddy) said to shut down they all said “Yes Master” and quit telling everyone that we shouldn’t forsake the gathering together/fellowship and were the first ones who ran for the hills with their tales tucked.
    Judgement needed to begin in the house of God. It’s been a membership club for decades. Eight of 10 pastors hooked on porn, 50% of the “church” doesn’t believe in absolute truth or that Jesus lived a sinless life. Looks to me like some long overdue pruning is going on here. Hope that the fruit coming is good.

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