Surprise: Mike Pence Speaks Important Message to Christians [Video]

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Surprise: Mike Pence Speaks Important Message to Christians [Video]

Governor Mike Pence sent a special video message to churches and pastors.

Here it is.

He explains his personal faith in Christ.

Part of what he said included:

“I was raised in a family where faith was important—church on Sunday, grace before dinner—but my faith became my own when I made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ during the springs of my freshman year in college.

“That night my heart was literally broken wide with gratitude and with joy when I came to realize that what happened on the Cross in some small measure actually happened for me. And I know all of you in the room share that same passion and that same sense of gratitude for what was done on our behalf.”

He then shares the three major reasons to vote for him and Donald Trump:

  1. The Supreme Court
  2. Protection of the unborn
  3. Abolition of the Jonson Amendment (see my article here).

Check out the video here:

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