Super Bowl LIV Bowled Over by Controversial Ads [Videos]

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Super Bowl TV commercials are a big business … and a big topic of discussion and analysis every year.

A 60-second commercial airing during the game costs $10 million … a 30-second spot, $5.6 million.

Is this amount of money well spent? This is debatable.

Many of this year’s 71 advertisers choose to create ads with a political message – including President Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg – who both ran 2020 campaign ads.

President Trump’s excellent ad was about criminal justice reform. You can watch it here.

Michael Bloomberg “cheated” – although he didn’t do anything illegal…

What he did was this: he created a campaign ad titled, “Trump’s Broken Promises: Enough Is Enough.” Then he bought up all of the key words in Google related to Trump’s ad.

What this means is that if you Google any of the following phrases:

  • Trump Super Bowl Ad
  • Trump’s Super Bowl Ad
  • Trump’s Super Bowl Commercial
  • Trump Super Bowl

Bloomberg’s ad will be the top search result you will see.

You must include “criminal justice reform” or “prison reform” in your search text if you want to see President Trump’s ad rather than Michael Bloomberg’s ad.

At the beginning of the Super Bowl broadcast, FOX aired the Johnny Cash “Ragged Old Flag” tribute to America featuring Medal of Honor recipient Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter.

It was a great way to begin the broadcast…

But apart from President Trump’s ad later in the broadcast, commercials went downhill from the initial tribute to the U.S. flag.

A flood of pro-LGBT ads bombarded viewers, featuring everything from advocating transgenderism to same-sex marriage. Sabra Hummus caused the most jaws to drop, casting drag queens for the first time ever in a Super Bowl ad.

A complete analysis of the Top Ten Best ads and the Top Ten Worst ads – along with the 6 Direct Response TV Advertising Rules – was published in last week’s Direct Marketing Update (DMU) newsletter. You can read it – and watch the ads – by clicking here.

Watch the Johnny Cash “Ragged Old Flag” tribute to America commercial here (3 ¼ minutes).

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2 Comments on “Super Bowl LIV Bowled Over by Controversial Ads [Videos]”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Bloomberg cheated; he is now in the process of trying to buy eight years in the White House. But how does one go about buying “up all of the key words in Google related to Trump’s ad.”

  2. Disgusting how somebody can steal and rig an election in this country. God forgive us for judging other countries who commit these crimes and chest this way.

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