Super Bowl Halftime: Hypocrisy and Masking

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Millions of people watched the Super Bowl LVI.

A lot of talk and commentary was about the Halftime Show.

But what I saw was 100,000 thousand people bare-faced and not wearing masks to watch a football game in LA, where there are strict mask mandates, even though they were given KN95 masks entering the stadium.

Children watching the game with their parents saw famous people – people who are their role models – maskless.

People such as Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, The Weekend, and Kendall Jenner – maskless.

Hollywood stars, star athletes and politicians – maskless, setting an example for children that they can do whatever they want, with no consequence.

The next morning, children had to go to school with a mask because it is required because of the government mask mandates.

They will have to wear their masks indoors.

They will wear their masks outdoors, even when they are running in PE classes.

They will get in trouble for pulling it down during class.

They will have consequences.

Why is it okay to go to a football game, a concert, or a packed restaurant without a mask, but a child has to sit in a classroom all day with a mask on?

What example is this setting for our children?

Imagine their confusion.

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