Stunning: Spectators Take Matters into Their Own Hands When Announcer Says There Will Be No National Anthem Before High School Softball Championship Game

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Who would have ever thought there would come a time in America when event coordinators would be so fearful of offending someone that they would refuse to play or sing the national anthem before a sporting event?
It happened recently in Fresno, California…
Two high school girls softball teams were about to play for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Central Section softball championship.
Several hundred parents and fans were in attendance.
When the game’s announcer told the crowd there would be no national anthem before the game, scattered boos could be heard throughout the stadium…
Then – almost in unison – the spectators rose to their feet and began to spontaneously sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” a cappella.
Watch this short 49-second fan video of the crowd singing the last few bars of the national anthem:

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16 Comments on “Stunning: Spectators Take Matters into Their Own Hands When Announcer Says There Will Be No National Anthem Before High School Softball Championship Game”

  1. What a truly awesome display of patriotism! As a resident of California in another area, I am very proud of this crowd that displayed what should have been done without any questions asked! As a musician, it didn’t matter if they were in tune or not, they showed their love for their country! God bless America!

  2. This goes along with the prophecy given to me by the Lord Jesus. He said California is His from the North to the South from the East to the West for the Prophets are coming together in agreement.

  3. These spectators showed the leaders that most Americans don’t buy their anti-American position they are trying to shove down their throats.

  4. As this video demonstrates, together we can make a difference! I’m asking all God fearing Americans who love Jesus and love their country to VOTE for candidates who line up with Biblical values. God help us!

  5. Awesome. go America. So proud of those parents and fans. I think we patriots are in the majority but are allowing the anti American minority to speak louder. Let’s get LOUDER !!

  6. God Bless America!!!!. That was the most wonderful thing to happen! Do what is right because it’s right! Music to my ears!

  7. This is all great, if it is geniune. We can do things like this still but what if we tried to do this in other parts of the world where you would be arrested, fined, imprisoned & killed? It’s easy to do what you want, when there is no conseqences. Be warmed that a time is coming of great persecution to test & prove who are real disciples. Do you consider being resisted a great honor to suffer in Christ’s name. May the truly genuine be blessed! True prophets are trying to warn America tbat God is not blessing it anymore. We have crossed the line with God & judgment is coming on the nation but most Christians don’t see it b/c they bury their beads in the sand & are blind & dull Isaiah 29:9. But even though God sees all the worldliness & lukewarmness by most American Christuans, HE still sends prophets to warm & who stress true daily repentance & this is shown by one’s fruit. Stop sinning & get ready for the persecution & be faithful so you can stand in the Day of the Lord!

  8. Hi Michael,
    Hope this finds you well!?
    You may want to read “Strange Fire” by John MacArthur.
    Also another great resource would be “The Gospel According to Jesus” – John MacArthur
    Of course by prayer and supplication with the word of God as our authority 🙂
    Thanks 🙂
    2 Timothy 2:15
    Psalm 119:11

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