Sign of the Times: Harvest Crusade’s Billboard Messages Banned [Video]

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Some people hate God so much, they can’t stand to see even a black-and-white image of a book that looks like a Bible…

And they don’t want anyone else to see such an “offensive” image either.

So they complain … throw tantrums … and make threats to silence the “offenders.”

Let me explain…

Every year for the past 29 years, evangelist Greg Laurie has held a weekend Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

Shelly and I have been to almost every one of them…

It’s amazing…

When I was a youth pastor and an adult singles pastor, we would organize large groups to attend.

Harvest Crusade is the longest-running large-scale evangelistic event in America’s history…

It draws tens of thousands of people for 3 consecutive nights…

And every year thousands receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

To advertise this year’s event, Laurie contracted with the real estate company that owns a prestigious outdoor mall not far from Angel Stadium.

The company agreed to post large billboards at the mall promoting the crusade.

The billboards – in black-and-white – depict Greg Laurie holding in one hand a microphone below his face … and in the other hand, a black book high in the air.

The black book represents a Bible – although it doesn’t have a cross, other religious symbols … or the word “Bible” on it.

The image was apparently too offensive to some … and they complained to the company that owns the mall.

Due to a “serious threat” received by the company – which it did not describe publicly – it caved in to the demands of the “multiple complaints,” removing all of Harvest Crusade’s advertising … and refunding their money.

It’s sad that just a few who hate the Bible and hate God are able to prevent many from hearing about God and the salvation He offers in His word.

But it’s also a reflection of the times in which we live…

I’m reminded of a passage in the Gospel of John that follows just a few verses after the well-known John 3:16…

“For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.” (John 3:20)

By the way … the 2018 crusade – called SoCal Harvest – is scheduled for August 17-19.

If you live in southern California, I hope you’ll attend.

You’ll hear great worship music … inspiring testimonies … and moving gospel messages.

Watch Greg Laurie describing the billboard incident with one of the Fox and Friends morning hosts (4 minutes):

Learn more about this year’s Harvest Crusades by clicking here:


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One Comment on “Sign of the Times: Harvest Crusade’s Billboard Messages Banned [Video]”

  1. This is the last days & the world’s hatred for Jesus will only get worse (even in AM) until they eventually start killng us. One of the signs of end times per Apostle Paul is covenant breakers, which this billboard issue reveals plus showing tbat worldly people (both Christians & unbelievers) compromise justice. You haven’t seen anything yet. I have been beaten for preaching to Black Panthers & threatened with death by Hell Angels & i tell you tbat real persection is coming to test geniune Cristian’s covenants with God. May Laurie preach the true gospel of 100% discilpeship, & not come as your are & just add Jesus to your life.. Some might be offended by this but the truth Jesus preached offended God’s religious leaders of the day. The Wkrd of God (Truth) discerns the deep motives of one’s heart. May the Lord bless those who obey!

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