Shocking: Public School Indoctrination in Moral Relativism is Escalating Beyond Belief [Video]

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What’s happening in public schools across the nation is beyond shocking…

It’s unbelievable…

Public schools are indoctrinating students in moral relativism … and are refusing to show parents how they’re doing it!

Examples abound … but in this short article, I’ll give you just two that will blow your mind…

  1. Kindergarteners are being taught that it’s normal to change their gender.

A kindergarten teacher at Rocklin Academy – a charter school in Sacramento, California – read the book I am Jazz to her class the day before the school year ended for summer recess.

Jazz is a child who – from the age of 2 – “knew she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.”

The illustrated book was co-written by a teenaged transgender activist … and is targeted for children between 4 and 8 years of age.

After the book was read, one of the boys in the class went to the bathroom – which was in the classroom – put on a dress and came out…

The teacher announced to the class that the boy was now a girl … and that “she” had a new girl name.

This caused some of the other kindergarteners to believe that if they merely changed their clothes into those of the opposite sex, they would turn into the opposite sex.

Parents weren’t notified ahead of time of what the teacher was going to do … so they had no opportunity to opt out.

California state law mandates that schools notify parents and allow them to opt-out their children whenever teaching sex education or HIV prevention education – but not when teaching transgenderism.

  1. High school students are being shown pro-LGBT videos … and administrators are refusing to allow parents to see them.

It was a weeklong blitz of videos promoting the LGBT lifestyle … which was required viewing for 2,800 students at Emmaus High School in the East Penn School District in Pennsylvania.

When parents objected to school administrators and asked to see the videos that had been shown to their teenagers, the administrators said “No.”

By state law, a school district can’t withhold curriculum from parents.

Attorneys hired by a group of parents to sue the school district wrote this in a letter to the district superintendent:

“The Pennsylvania Administrative Code requires that the district provide parents the opportunity to review all instructional material shown to their children, prior to it being shown…. The district has violated this requirement.”

So how did the school district superintendent respond?

He claimed the videos weren’t curriculum…


Because they were shown to the students during homeroom … which is not one of the instructional periods of the school day.

“This was not curriculum,” he insisted. This was student work that needs to be protected from public scrutiny.”

In reality, the so-called “student work” was actually produced by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Alliance (GLSEN) … which has been secretly infiltrating public schools for years.

But now, public schools are arrogantly redefining what constitutes “curriculum” … and are openly joining LGBT activists in their campaign of secrecy.

Watch this video – created by the Pacific Justice Institute – of a parent describing how the incident at Rocklin Academy affected her 5-year-old daughter (about 4 minutes). Note that there is a “commercial” for the Pacific Justice Institute at the end:


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3 Comments on “Shocking: Public School Indoctrination in Moral Relativism is Escalating Beyond Belief [Video]”

  1. Craig – that’s awesome we parents have an advocate. But this is public school. Until we pull our kids out and/or stop paying taxes. They will not be listening. I pulled mine out of Christian school because they wouldn’t treat my child right. Parents, take back your responsibilities!

  2. That’s right, parents take back your responsibilities. We, as Christians, have stood around too long and we must make our local environment feel our presence like never before, or suffer the consequences.

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