Another Resistance Strategy Revealed: The Determination to Destroy the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination [Video]

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The resistance against President Trump by both the progressive media and progressive politicians has reached an absurd level.

They are so determined to prevent the confirmation of another strict constructionist Justice to the Supreme Court that they will stop at nothing to disqualify the nominee and thwart the will of the duly-elected president…

And they’ve now found the ultimate weapon against which there is no defense – an unprovable accusation of sexual assault.

This weapon not only can be used to exterminate political opponents … its use also relieves progressives of the burden of thinking and attempting to sway public opinion through substantive arguments…

Even though California Senator Dianne Feinstein received the letter in July from Christine Blasey Ford accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago … she waited to reveal it until AFTER the confirmation hearings were over and the Senate Judiciary Committee was about to vote on confirmation.


Because those who are resisting President Trump and his nomination of Brett Kavanaugh don’t care about Christine Blasey Ford or about the truth or falsehood regarding her allegation of sexual assault…

They know the allegation against Kavanaugh can be neither proven nor disproven … but they also know they can still use the mere accusation to gain a significant political advantage before the midterm election in November.

Here’s how:

  • The fact that the accusation can’t be disproved casts doubt on Brett Kavanaugh’s character, and his fitness to serve on the Supreme Court.
  • The accusation casts a pall of doubt over the entire Republican Party just before the midterm election.
  • The accusation is being used to delay the confirmation vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • The Democratic strategy is to delay the committee confirmation vote long enough that the full Senate vote won’t be able to occur until after the midterm election.
  • If the Democrats gain control of the Senate in November, the Kavanaugh confirmation will fail … as will every other Trump nominee on the list he revealed before the 2016 presidential election.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News argues that according to complex Senate rules, if the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee is allowed to be delayed until Thursday of this week, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is most likely over … forever.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s explanation here (5 minutes):

The ultimate goal of the resistance movement – of course – is to seize control of both the House and the Senate in the midterm election … and remove President Trump from office.


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3 Comments on “Another Resistance Strategy Revealed: The Determination to Destroy the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination [Video]”

  1. Dear Craig, I have taken the spiritual war to my prayer closet and for days have prayed fervently for God. the just Heavenly Judge to intervene and render a verdict on Kavanaugh’s behalf, to send His heavenly army to battle the demonic forces warring in this matter and to destroy all the ploys of Satan. This is a spiritual battle between demonic forces of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood….but spiritual forces of darkness.” Ephesians 6 I’m thinking of Queen Esther, calling the nation of Israel to fervent intercession and fasting to destroy the spirit of Haman. We’re contending with demonic principalities that want to maintain control of our government.
    Jan “Jill” Fenati

  2. Right On Jill! Unless a lot more of us who are called by His name get serious about about our faith in Christ and pray against these strongholds of the enemy in our land, God may not give us the victories we are hoping for, as another wake up call for His church. And let’s not forget that repentance is one of the necessary requirements to answered prayer, II Chron. 7:14. Father, help us to pray wholeheartedly, fervently and often for our families, our nation and the world, in your name, amen.

  3. I am with both of you Jill and Roger…fasted numerous days (“…some come not out but by fasting…”) and been fervent in prayer as well…this is God’s wake up call for the Church in America to pound the gates of Heaven and live 2 Ch. 7:14…these circumstances have sure been pulling the slack out of my chain for one… I’m reminded of Pr 14:34, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people”…God is calling the American Church to be pure and holy and live the life of righteousness…

    Next, if you have the chance, review the Kim Clement youtube prophecy of 2007 prophesying Trump’s presidential victory and even going to a second term.

    Last, review the recent Charlie Shamp Breaking News prophecy…it correlates with Clements word and goes way beyond re: midterm elections…I’m leaning into what he said with prayer (and test of course), but faith as well…God will do nothing but what He reveals to His servants the prophets (first)…Amos 3:7

    Blessings… Dan

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