Rand Paul and Others Face Beating and Death by Ideologically Driven Mob [Must See Video]

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They yelled…hate.

They yelled…bigots.

At the end of President Trump’s White House acceptance of his nomination for President, invited guests and Congressional leaders left the White House. Little did they know, there was an organized, well-financed group of people designed to harass, agitate, and create chaos.

The police were overwhelmed.

One of these at the event was Senator Rand Paul.

This never should have happened.

The Democrat Socialist Mayors across America have failed.

Their broken ideology does not work.

Watch Senator Rand Paul as he explains what happened to him, the terror he felt, and what he suggests should be done about it.

Click here to watch this 9-minute video.

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2 Comments on “Rand Paul and Others Face Beating and Death by Ideologically Driven Mob [Must See Video]”

  1. Oh my God!!! What is happening here?!?!?! God bless Rand Paul….. this is pure insanity and there’s gonna be a revolution….. we need REVIVAL NOW!!!✝️✝️

  2. Those who are doing these terrible things will also have a very terrible price to pay for their actions. Their only option is to turn from their wicked ways, truly be repentant for their sins and ask forgiveness from the Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. Otherwise when their time on Earth is over they will not be in heaven but will wind up in hell. Yes, there is a hell along with a heaven and everyone in this world will wind up in one place or the other when the time comes, unless they change their way of life and their actions against others. I include all Democrats in this statement that are either in agreement with what has been happening, or somehow see nothing wrong with what is happening everywhere.

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