Rage, Anger and Disputes: 4 Little-known Things You Should Know About COVID-19 Media Hysteria and Government Control

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Disputes about coronaviruses are raging all across America.

Are masks necessary or not necessary? Doctors disagree.

Are politicians and politicized doctors with an agenda creating unnecessary fear in order to increase government control over our lives? Or is this a conspiracy theory?

Is the media – Facebook, Google, Apple News, TV – “cherry picking” whom they interview, and which reports to broadcast or give priority to in order to create mass hysteria? And to censor opposition? Who should we believe?

Should we be concerned only about the number of new COVID-19 cases, or primarily about deaths and hospital capacities?

Are the lockdowns and restrictive state and local regulations necessary? Or are they causing greater risks to our immune systems than returning to normal social activities?

For sure there is much anger and emotional turmoil over these issues. Here are 4 little-known things you should know:

  1. More and more doctors are telling a different story than what the biased media, the government medical establishment and politicians are telling you.

In past articles I’ve provided a few videos that were wrongly taken down because they didn’t support the media and government medical establishment narrative.

  1. The rise in COVID-19 cases should not be causing the panic the media and politicians are trying to create.

Watch this 5-minute video with Dr. Atlas. Click here.

Congressman Andy Biggs gets it right, but a fiery debate erupts when he is interrupted so he cannot explain his data and reasoning – frustrating, but worth seeing.

  1. The media is greatly exaggerating the “explosion” of COVID-19 cases.

And here’s a shorter video interview with Dr. Atlas again talking with Tucker Carlson, demolishing everything you are hearing and seeing from the politicians. It’s about 5 minutes.

  1. More Evidence Mounts as Dangerous and Unnecessary to Require Everyone to Wear a Mask

Finally, if you didn’t see my article on Face Masks and the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife, you can read it by clicking here.

This issue is becoming more intense as more government authorities are demanding we obey by wearing masks.

Watch this powerful video with Dr. Kelly Victory…one of the growing number of doctors and scientist warning against mask wearing for most people.

In the video, she stresses:

  • Social distancing is not scientifically based.
  • Masks are for the ill, and only the rare specialty mask stops the coronavirus.
  • Normal, healthy people do not need a mask, it can (actually) help you become sick.
  • Touching your face is the #1 way to get the virus – and touching a mask is more likely touching your face.
  • Our re-breathing particles you have exhaled plus breathing in more carbon dioxide than you should.

And more…

You can watch this short video below.

What do you think? Email me at Craig@electionforum.org.

4 Comments on “Rage, Anger and Disputes: 4 Little-known Things You Should Know About COVID-19 Media Hysteria and Government Control”

  1. Unless one consider present social, moral, political and “informational” events without considering the writings of the BIBLE it will not be possible to gain proper understanding of what is happening.

  2. Dr. Kelly Victory speaks the truth and reality of the Covid-19 virus issue. I pray more people are waking up to discover that most of the shut downs and mask edicts are politically aimed at a desired outcome of the November 2020 election, and have nothing to do with stemming the spread of the virus.

  3. What a difference between Cavato and Carlson! Cavato is full of himself, not allowing the congressman to talk. There is ample evidence that masks don’t work and also that this virus is not the killer we were led to believe.
    My husband had an appointment with a physical therapist on Thursday. We were compelled to wear a mask, but I had mine pulled down from my nose so that I could breathe. The therapist must have touched her mask at least 50 times during that hour, which is worse than wearing one.
    This whole thing is a hoax!

  4. I’m not wearing a mask, I cannot due to health issues. It’s nobody’s business and I do not have to explain myself to anyone. I don’t judge anyone for wearing one, do not appreciate anyone judging me for not wearing one. We are Americans, we should respect each other regardless of our choice to wear a mask and many other things that somehow we feel ok to tell everyone loudly what our opinion is and look down on them or be vocal to them (breast feeding in public is now really offensive to people? But showing a foot of cleavage is okee dokee.) The Grace period is over for our nation. God has given us a space and time to repent but we have not. When no repentance occurs, Grace stops and judgement begins. Plus, if it’s our time to go, it doesn’t matter if it’s Covid or a car wreck, we’re out of here when God says it’s our time. Without Faith it is impossible to please God. You are either operating out of Faith or in fear. We’ve been thriving in this “crisis”. God had been shaking us for years before this big time shaking took place. We were tested, tried and proved before this all began. Selective blessing and curses have begun just like in Egypt when the world system was being judged then. If you’re being hit by all of this covid crap, you’re experiencing the curse, if you’re thriving like we are, selective blessing. Yes, the time has come for judgement to begin in the house of the Lord.

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