Preschools: Corrupting 3-5 Year Old’s Self Image and Reality [Powerful Interview Exposed]

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3-5-year-olds in preschool are being indoctrinated with gender confusion and racial hatred.

We know that across America, from elementary to high school, Critical Race Theory [CRT Marxist Racism] hatred for America and free enterprise, and gender confusion have plagued government-run schools.

But preschool?

In little, small towns in “red” states to large school districts in “blue” states, this indoctrination has infected schools nationwide.

Fox News just did a powerful interview with State Rep. Erin Pare that exposes a North Carolina preschool indoctrination program.

It’s an example of the dangers to kids – even in preschool.

For example, they are using flashcards showing a pregnant man.

You must hear and see what was discovered.

You can watch the 5-minute video HERE.

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3 Comments on “Preschools: Corrupting 3-5 Year Old’s Self Image and Reality [Powerful Interview Exposed]”

  1. Craig, that was a great and informative report on what happened at a school in North Carolina. I hope more parents are getting these reports and keeping informed with their children’s teachers and talking with their children. Praying for our children, and in my case, my grandchildren. God bless you.

  2. American parents have GOT to take BOLD steps, such as keeping their kids OUT of Liberal Hands and turning these schools into empty buildings. Take away the students, the Liberal teachers are no longer needed. Teachers not needed, there’s no reason for Teacher’s Unions , who fund Democrats in EVERY election, to exist anymore. Two birds with one stone. Home-Schooling is the best option, but for those who can’t do that, there are numerous options. Home-Schooling Pods, and Community Schools run by parents. Several states have seen groups of parents hire retired teachers to educate their kids, and many Free sites for classrooms are available in every community. The K12 program is free online. Hillsdale College offers Conservative Programs as well. Form an Escrow Group and put your school tax money in the account instead of the hands of your local school boards. Shut them DOWN.

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