Overcomer Exceeds All Expectations with $8.2 Million Opening Weekend [Videos]

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The Christian film Overcomer had an impressive opening weekend on August 23rd through August 25th.

It’s $8.2 million in box office revenue placed it number 3 for the weekend – despite showing on only 1,723 screens nationwide.

What many people don’t realize is that most faith-based films typically open on a limited number of screens the first weekend. If the movie does well, the distributor will expand the distribution to more theaters in the following weeks. If not, the movie will stay in limited release – and have limited impact.

That’s why it’s so important to see new Christian films during the first weekend if possible.

Overcomer is an exceptional movie…

If you haven’t already seen it, make plans to see it soon.

Its message is crucial for everyone to hear – but especially for millennials, teens and pre-teens.

You are who God says you are … not what your peers say you are … and especially not what our culture says you are.

Watch this short video of audience reaction to the movie ( 1 ½ minutes).

Here is the official trailer for Overcomer (about 2 ½ minutes).

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