Notre Dame Cathedral: 4 Things You Should Know of the Destruction of History and a Transformation into Political Correctness

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My wife and I have visited several times the historic Gothic masterpiece in Paris, France – Notre Dame Cathedral.

The church had undergone a massive fire a few years back in 2019, and now the plans for restoration have begun.

Here are four things that are happening:

1. Those that want to maintain the history of the cathedral are battling against those who want to modernize and make the church less “Christian” and more ecumenical and friendly for all faiths and religions – or no religion at all.

In other words, create a more fun and welcoming museum, not a historical church.

Others want to maintain the historical integrity of the medieval building – it had been destroyed once before during the French Revolution but was carefully restored back to what it has been in recent times.

2. Some of the changes are quite disturbing.

For example:

  • They plan on removing the confessionals and altars from the 13th-century edifice.
  • They plan to put in classic artwork and sculpture that tell the gospel story by replacing the classic artwork and sculpture of the church and putting in new street art.

3. They are dedicating one side of the chapel to the theme of environmentalism.

One side of the chapel will be a political statement on “global warming”.

They plan on putting in new light displays and sound effects to create “emotional spaces” so non-Christians would feel more welcome.

4. Opposition in France as well as nationally is growing against the plans.

The big question is, “Will France and the Catholic church allow the cathedral to be a modern-day ecumenical mockery of history”?

Have you been to the old church?

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One Comment on “Notre Dame Cathedral: 4 Things You Should Know of the Destruction of History and a Transformation into Political Correctness”

  1. No visit to Paris is complete for us without a visit to Normandy or Notre Dame Cathedral. Each is a memorable monument for us in different ways. Neither should ever be modified from its original intent to some 21st century knock-off.

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