No Fear: Jeremy Lin Experiences and Expresses God’s Love [Video]

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Last year, Jeremy Lin of Torrance, CA signed on with the Charlotte Hornets, ending his free agency run with the Los Angeles Lakers

He has made incredible strides since then in the media and around the world.

Last year, in a televised broadcast to hundreds of millions of Chinese, Lin declared openly his faith in God, and how true successes depends on knowing how much God loves you. Lin recounted how his initial successes in the world made him happy, but they could not keep him there. “I remember thinking to myself: ‘I’m in the NBA, I’m getting paid lots of money, why am I so unhappy?”

The love of God empowered him to enjoy life anew, and has inspired millions. “We all need love. I think this past season, the one thing I took away was I really felt God’s love for me.”

He recently starred in an NBA commercial promoting Chinese New Year.

Watch the video here.

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