Mistreated and Lied About: The Sad but Victorious Victory of Kyle Rittenhouse Every Christian Should Know [Powerful, Powerful Video]

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People were fed lies about Kyle Rittenhouse…and the lies were exposed in his court case.

Sadly, the media and many people still believe the lies and spread them.

Kyle was mistreated not only by the media, but by his original lawyers, the media, the jailers…and the pro-socialist city District Attorney.

The treatment was not just unfair it was despicable…creating anger by the judge.

After Kyle was found innocent…self-defense in the face of death…socialist revolutionaries in some areas tried to spark new violence.

They lied saying Kyle:

  • Shot black people…false
  • Shot innocent people…false
  • Came to the city to shoot people…false
  • Didn’t live or work in the city…false
  • Came across state lines by his mom to fight…false
  • Had an illegal gun…false
  • Was a white supremacist…false
  • Was a “domestic terrorist”…false

Watch this powerful video with Tucker Carlson that reveals the truth. Watch the video HERE.

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4 Comments on “Mistreated and Lied About: The Sad but Victorious Victory of Kyle Rittenhouse Every Christian Should Know [Powerful, Powerful Video]”

  1. Praise God that righteousness prevailed! Praise God that the jurors did not fail for the media-incited threats on their or their families’ lives. Praise God that the judge ruled by the law, not by the mob. It is so sad that the media makes up claims to suit their narrative and then “convicts” based on those lies. Perhaps in the good in this is that the general public is becoming aware.

  2. This very composed, smart, and delightful young man deserves a hero’s recognition, even a reward for his bravery while under attack. Treated unfairly by those who should know better including Joe Biden, he stayed calm and offered no hatred against them. I say to his parents, you have done a super job in raising this young man and I am sure you are very proud of him. I pray he can get on with the plans he expressed for his life and the “swamp people: will leave him alone.

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