Lockdown II: Cancel Thanksgiving. Cancel Christmas. Cancel Church and Ministry. 7 Facts Every Christian Should Know

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Joe Biden and his new “health” advisor team want to impose another lockdown on businesses, churches, schools, and people.

Governors and mayors in over 20 states are trying to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here are 7 Lockdown II facts:

1. Another lockdown is not needed.

  • After advocating lockdowns in July, both the WHO and the CDC reversed course in October and now do not recommend lockdowns.[1]
  • Over 99% of those who get COVID-19 recover fully.
  • The death rate from COVID-19 is 0.2% to 0.5%.
  • 81% of all COVID-19 deaths are people 65 years of age and older.[2]
  • 60% of all COVID-19 deaths are people 75 years of age and older.
  • 94% of COVID-19 deaths are people with underlying health conditions…and the vast majority are in nursing homes.
  • The hospitals are not at capacity – similar to before the pandemic.

Cases of the virus are rising. Testing is finding more people have it. Meanwhile, the mortality rate is falling as treatments keep improving. None of this is a surprise…the rising number of cases DOES NOT justify another lockdown.

In counties such as Los Angeles, their health “czar” shockingly and truthfully admitted it wasn’t “science” but subjective opinion supporting a new lockdown.

For example, all indoor and outdoor restaurants are closed – destroying businesses and jobs.

It’s based on 3.1% of COVID cases – 70 out of 2,257 cases. There are 10.04 million people living in Los Angeles County. And most of the 70 cases – not deaths – are from fast food such as McDonalds, not sit-down restaurants.

Bottom line, the facts do not justify another lockdown (it would be the worst choice).

2. The previous lockdowns did not work.

  • Over 70% of people who contracted COVID-19 stayed home and wore a facemask when going outside. The lockdown made things worse, not better.
  • Sweden never imposed a lockdown yet had the same infection rate as the U.S. and less than the rest of Europe while in lockdown same with states like South Dakota.
  • A lockdown is a socialist solution – it amounts to government dictating behavior based on a one-size-fits-all remedy from a flawed or politicized health bureaucracy and the power-hungry politicians.

The previous lockdown is still having horrible results. Another would be worse.

  • Suicide rates have dramatically risen.
  • Drug use has dramatically increased.
  • Depression has dramatically skyrocketed.
  • Alcohol use has dramatically exploded.
  • Poverty rates have nearly doubled.

The lockdowns produce side effects worse than the disease itself.

3. Lockdowns destroy religious freedom and the free expression of faith.

The unconstitutional lockdown has destroyed hundreds of churches and ministries forever. The lockdowns are an attack on people of faith…the Constitution…Churches must open in lockdown states illegally. The assault on religious freedom must stop.

Also, churches are treated less “favorably” than other groups – government offices, businesses and organizations.

Treating churches as “non-essential” is treating them worse than pot shops, liquor stores and Planned Parenthood.

In Nevada, a casino can have 500-1,000 people, but not a church.

In Oregon, Christian schools must remain closed, but public schools open.

In California, you can’t have indoor church services, worship, home Bible studies. But Hollywood studios and the entertainment industry has an exception.

It’s not equal treatment…the church with First Amendment rights should have full protection.

4. Lockdowns kill education.

Even though kids aren’t likely to get COVID-19 and find it’s very mild like the flu, the politicians and teachers’ union want the schools closed.

Most kids don’t learn well with online learning. It’s a disaster.

The states still favoring school closures are destroying kids’ lives now and, in the future…wasn’t from the virus.

The Lockdown is destructive to parents…kids…our future.

5. Lockdowns kill jobs, destroy small businesses and reduce economic opportunity.

Researchers estimate that the lockdowns in the U.S. cost $169 billion.

Thousands of businesses have been destroyed. Lockdowns have killed thousands of jobs. It’s been an economic disaster.  

Thousands of businesses will never return, millions of jobs are gone forever. And a new lockdown will make everything worse – worse than the virus.

In states locking down for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will see economic devastation of thousands of businesses and jobs gone forever.

6. Lockdowns destroy freedom of association, freedom of assembly and other freedoms.

They are designed to isolate people and prevent them from supporting one another. When people have no loyalty to other people, they are easier to control.

Divide and conquer…

7. The lockdowns are primarily a political ploy to bail out the irresponsible, overspending Democrat states.

Fiscally irresponsible state governors and mayors know that lockdowns will result in federal stimulus packages to replace lost income from the new President and Congress – and will include billions to bail out bloated state bureaucracies and to fund their socialist policies.

The lockdowns are a means to a political end – a massive bailout.

Plus, they enlarge their power and control, something they could not do without a lockdown.

Thousands of businesses will never return, millions of jobs are gone forever.

The data doesn’t support another lockdown.

Hundreds of scientists and doctors have publicly opposed another lockdown, but they are being censored by the media, Facebook and Google.

Some socialist scientists and doctors want a lockdown. But opposing scientists and doctors that believe in freedom are shunned and ridiculed.  

Socialist economists want a lockdown. But opposing scientists and doctors who are free market supporters are censored.

Resist. No more lockdowns.

What do you think? Email me at Craig@ElectionForum.org.

[1] https://fee.org/articles/who-reverses-course-now-advises-against-use-of-punishing-lockdowns/

[2] https://www.acsh.org/news/2020/06/23/coronavirus-covid-deaths-us-age-race-14863

4 Comments on “Lockdown II: Cancel Thanksgiving. Cancel Christmas. Cancel Church and Ministry. 7 Facts Every Christian Should Know”

  1. If churches are on lockdown then the grocery, home depot, lowe’s and other businesses should also be on lockdown. Churches are essential for moral which is needed so bad in this times I say keep churches open, Hebrews 10:24 commands to not give up meeting together.

  2. Your entire article is bullshit. Sweden is now starting a lock down. I believe every one is entitle to avoid or not avoid the virus. But people that don’t believe in social distancing, mask wearing and crowds should be required to wear signs showing that they don’t believe in the for mentioned. This would at least allow me to not be in contact with idiots.

  3. Wow, talk about rudeness! Just because some don’t want to live in isolation and fear, you don’t need to be calling them names. If you believe your mask ‘protects’ you then don’t worry about others. I happen to know that the mask does more harm than good to your own immune system. We’re all adults who should be allowed to make our own decisions and choices. If I get Covid, I’ll recover. Not a big deal. My days are determined by God, when I die, I know where I’m going and I look forward to that day. I’m looking up everyday. I refuse to live in fear or be bullied. I wear a mask when required to keep the peace but it’s only for a short time, I can’t handle long periods it makes me physically ill.
    Thanks Craig for all your information! I appreciate all your hard work to keep us informed.
    God bless and keep you!
    Margaret Humes

  4. And, I’m reading that as much as 90% of positive tests are FALSE positives.
    “Better Safe than Sorry”? I’d rather “LIVE” than be safe.

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