Lockdown Governors Should Resign: Failed Policies of Control, Regulations and Oppression Did Not Work [Video]

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The evidence is clear. In the free states that did not lockdown business, churches, restaurants, gyms, schools, sports…they are doing better in everything than the lockdown states.

COVID-19 spread is even lower or the same. Freedom works.

Government control fails.

It more than fails – it destroys.

California vs. Florida is a textbook example:

In Florida:

  • Churches are open for indoor services
  • Less COVID cases are found per capita than the national average, despite having the second oldest population in the entire United States.
  • All schools and businesses are open.
  • Restaurants, theaters, parks, Disneyland, museums, concerts, sports – all are open for indoor activities
  • Unemployment is below the national average.
  • Tax revenue is even higher than before the pandemic.
  • Lockdowns on their own do not work to stop the spread of COVID – and the results show it.

Click HERE to watch the interview.

Click HERE to watch another video of Gov. DeSantis in an exchange with a reporter over COVID-19.

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