Las Vegas Terror: Trump, God’s Word and Evil [Video]

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My heart sank listening to the news that a crazed gunman killed 59 people attending a concert in Las Vegas.

What a sickening, senseless tragedy.

President Trump called it an act of pure evil.

As a nation:

  • We seek answers as we try to make sense out of this shooting spree.
  • We mourn the victims and give our condolences.
  • We pray for peace and love.

Many of us ask God, why?

Why would He allow such a thing to happen? His Word warns us in 2 Timothy 3:13 that evil people will flourish.

But my heart was lifted listening to President Trump quote Scripture in the time of tragedy.

He cited Psalm 34:18 when he said:

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit. We seek comfort in those words for we know that God lives in the hearts of those who grieve.”

As our President pointed out:

  • We search for meaning in the chaos, but the answers don’t come easy.
  • It’s our love that defines us today and always will, forever.

Alluding to Matthew 12:21, Trump said:

“We can take solace that even the darkest place can be brightened by a single light, and terrible despair can be illuminated by a single ray of hope.”

As Christians, we know that Jesus Christ is that ray of hope for all nations.

Our nation is not without hope.

I Think of Isaiah 60:1 and know there is a light that shines in a country’s darkest hour.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”

Watch this powerful 5-minute video of President Trump soothing a nation’s wound with the Word of God.

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One Comment on “Las Vegas Terror: Trump, God’s Word and Evil [Video]”

  1. As we seek answers to the ‘NOT FOR PROFIT MASS SHOOTINGS’ increasing since the 1960s, we need look no further than to answer the question of, “Why only extremely rare ‘NOT FOR PROFIT MASS SHOOTINGS’ occured before 1960?” ‘Not for profit mass-shootings’ not occuring pre-1960s though guns were more prolific per-capita, then legal .45 caliber sub-machineguns’ could easily have murdered hundreds per event, crime statistics were kept, high schoolers in the some areas carried guns to and from school and were bullied, yet this type of mass-shooting was nonexistent.

    The answer to what catalyzed the new ‘not for profit mass shootings’ beginning in the 1960s is simple. Since the beginning of the 1900s Christianity began its transition from being the primary influence over society and government, to being ‘along for the ride’ as those representing godlessness drove America toward offending God. The resulting societal and governmental pathologies should have been expected given the warnings in the Bible.

    The primary influence over society and government pre-1900s was an extremely active portion of christianity understanding their obligation to represent Christ in society and government. A biblical requirement satisfied by: 1) Ensuring Christ is represented within the family, 2) bringing Christ to those not knowing Him, 3) aiding the needy to the exclusion of government doing so, and 4) lovingly opposing evildoers which included electing godly-constitutionalists while guarding against conservative-impostors like those infecting GOP like a cancer today.

    Proverbs 25:26 – A righteous man who FALTERS BEFORE THE WICKED is like a murky spring and a polluted well.

    The past century of increasingly works-phobic Christianity has created a ‘Christ-void’ in society and government that has been filled by lucifer along with his knowing and unknowing useful-pawns. Out of which has flowed increasing evil, including mass shootings.

    As for the end-times, it’s time to end our fixation on the end-times occurring at the expense of a godly fixation on busying ourselves glorifying Christ with ‘works’ including representation in society and government – vastly reducing the probability of mass-shootings and ensuring our failure to represent Christ in society and government does not have our children and grandchildren inheriting God offending tyranny from us.

    History proves that the greatest murderer of citizens has murdered beyond the numbers killed in every religious war combined. The largest group of humans murdered by one entity is the 263 million citizens murdered by their own governments (democide) over the past century [see documentation at: Something not possible so long as we preserve, protect, and defend the original intent of America’s 2nd Amendment – which is intended to give ‘aspiring-tyrants’ having deceived their way into government a healthy-fear of transitioning from public servants to tyrants.

    Psalms 82:3-4:
    DEFEND the poor and fatherless;
    DO JUSTICE to the afflicted and needy. DELIVER the poor and needy;
    FREE THEM from the hand of the wicked.

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