Kirk Cameron: “Illegal” Christmas Caroling Slammed by Lockdown Politicians and Bureaucrats – 3 Things You Should Know [Video]

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Kirk Cameron is leading outdoor Christmas Caroling sing-along “concerts” in California.

And he is under severe attack for ignoring the lockdown ban on outdoor public gatherings.

Here are three things you should know:

  1. People need hope.

Cameron’s Christmas Carol sing-alongs are ministering to people who are depressed and traumatized by forced business closures, job losses and stay-at-home orders.

  1. In America, our Constitution protects religious freedom – including the free exercise of religion.

Politicians and bureaucrats cannot force isolation. Cameron has the right to hold the Christmas Carol sing-alongs. Government overreach is stifling religious liberty.

  1. The lockdown in California is not justified.

The rationale for the county-by-county lockdown order in California is a shortage of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds in county hospitals. The concern is that as COVID cases continue to increase and more patients require ICU treatment, the medical system will be overwhelmed and new critically ill patients will have nowhere to go for treatment.

But the politicians and bureaucrats are handling the pandemic in the wrong way. They are using it as a hammer to instill fear and panic so they can increase their power and control.

If they would simply treat people who have the virus when it is first detected by providing therapeutics to COVID testing facilities and encouraging their

distribution to everyone who tests positive for COVID-19, few people would require hospitalization … and very few would require ICU treatment.

Watch Pastor Rob McCoy in this short 5-minute video with Kirk Cameron expose the lies of the power-hungry politicians and show the righteousness of standing firm against tyranny and injustice. Click here.

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3 Comments on “Kirk Cameron: “Illegal” Christmas Caroling Slammed by Lockdown Politicians and Bureaucrats – 3 Things You Should Know [Video]”

  1. Kirk Cameron should just tell anyone who gives him grief that they are protesting. According to the
    state, protesting is legal.

  2. Gotta Love Kirk! Was just thinking how great it would be to get some caroling going during this time… ♥️

  3. But anything Marxist communist socialist is allowed including any anti christian March . In 1964 the constitution was being dismantled and a socialist secular anti semitic , anti christian democratic Constitution was put in its place. They still talk About dismantling the 1788 constitution and quote the confederation of states document which was temporary and not working . In 1788 the constitution was ratified. Around 1776 the declaration of independence was ratified.

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