Investment Strategies and The 2016 Election – You’re Invited to Join Me

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I’d like to invite you to one of the most unique personal and powerful investment conferences ever held…and it’s in the Bahamas!

Geopolitics, the election, new investment strategies, and economic analysis will equip you like nothing else to profit and succeed in the economic/investment roller coaster ahead.

I’ll be speaking to business owners and attending entrepreneurs on marketing and the JOBS Act…plus I’ll be on an election 2016 panel with Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal/Heritage Foundation.

The event is May 16–20 at the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. You can register here, and use the code GFS16Huey.

Speakers include:

  • Mark Skousen (Forecasts & Strategies)
  • Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform)
  • Daniel Mitchel (an economist at Cato Institute)

And a dozen more.

You can see all the speakers and register here, and use the code GFS16Huey.

I hope you can make it…and we can enjoy some great discussion at this exclusive event together.

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One Comment on “Investment Strategies and The 2016 Election – You’re Invited to Join Me”

  1. I am shocked that you would choose Grover Norquist to speak to people attending your investment conference. Grover Norquist is married to a Palestinian Muslim, his sister is married to a Muslim, he supports Muslims running for office in America, his proteges are Muslim, and he has spoken on behalf of Muslims many times. He has stated that he believes Sharia Law is compatible with our Constitution, and he supported the erection of a Muslim Center on the land surrounding the fallen World Trade Center. I know that he is on the board of the NRA and for that reason, I and many other people have declined membership in the NRA.

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