Inflation: The Cause, Pain And Solution [Must-See Video Interview With Rogan O’Handley “DC Draino” on OAN]

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Inflation is out of control.

What caused it?

How do we stop it?

I just got off the air with DC Draino on the OAN Network. You can watch it HERE, it’s about 14 minutes long. Or read on for a brief summary.

  • With inflation at a record high and no end in sight, everything you buy is skyrocketing and hurting you and your family. And it’s eroding the wages of hard-working citizens… you’re losing every month.

Plus, if you are on a fixed income, it’s devastating.

And, of course soaring gas prices.

  • The socialist Democrats are living in a world of economic fantasy with massive trillion-dollar overspending, spiking budget defects and historic spike in money supply creation. Combine this with Biden destroying the oil and gas industry with his policies and regulations – leaving American’s to reap the consequences at the pump and in every store.

What’s next?

Recession, depression, stagnation, and more…

  • The problem: Joeflation and the economic theory that the government has the ability to control the economy. It’s a nightmare situation for small business owners and an impossible strategy to maintain resulting in catastrophic economic failure.
  • The solution: Cutting back on money supply, raising interest rates, and stop the overspending.
  • Inflation is good for government. Low inflation is when the people are living well, high inflation is when the government is living well – and right now the government is simply too well fed.
  • In a circus they say when things go wrong, they send out the clowns and boy do we see a lot of clowns right now.

Watch this 14-minute segment where we discuss the cause of inflation and what can be done HERE.

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2 Comments on “Inflation: The Cause, Pain And Solution [Must-See Video Interview With Rogan O’Handley “DC Draino” on OAN]”

  1. Craig, thank you for this article; however, under the title of “Current Affairs” why wouldn’t you also address the mass murder in Uvelde, Texas and the January 6th Committee report? Both are extremely serious, definitely current and as Believers in Jesus Christ are topics we should be discussing.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks… I’ve talked about January 6 in the past and plan to talk about the hearing in the upcoming newsletter… Be sure to look for it

    And I have talked about the shooting in Texas… I hope you go back and look for it and read it…

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