How Then Should We Live? Should We Allow the Government to Rescind the First Amendment? Or Should We Declare Independence from Unlawful Government Interference? [Video]

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Ken Graves is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Central Maine in Bangor.

I’ve heard Pastor Ken speak several times at conferences … and I’ve visited his church once.

He’s a gifted, powerful speaker and Bible teacher.

He recently received national publicity – which he wasn’t seeking – when he announced to his congregation that he was no longer going to obey the order by the governor of Maine to refrain from holding church services.

He pointed out that the governor has deemed that churches in Maine are “non-essential.” Pastor Ken rejects that assessment – and with good reason.

He also notes that in his state, pot (marijuana) shops are allowed to stay open while churches are ordered closed.

You can read and/or listen to Pastor Ken’s statement of civil disobedience here.

Watch a more detailed explanation of the biblical reasons why Pastor Ken is reopening his church here (25 minutes). You can watch here.

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5 Comments on “How Then Should We Live? Should We Allow the Government to Rescind the First Amendment? Or Should We Declare Independence from Unlawful Government Interference? [Video]”

  1. Liberty was first “declared” an unalienable (Creator-endowed, not government-given) right. Ergo, government has NO authority to deny Liberty (even in emergencies). Then “We, the People … in order to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity (did) ordain and establish this Constitution ….” Government may offer it’s best info and recommendations in an emergency like this, but they have NO authority to deny citizen’s liberty to make their own choices. The Constitution does not say that Liberty may be denied in emergencies. In this case, the minister is not forcing anyone to come to the services. Each person HAS the Liberty to decide for themselves whether or not they want to take the risk of getting the virus by going to the service. That is a rightful exercise of Liberty. It is situations such as this that provide a necessary opportunity for “We, the People …” to assume our rightful responsibility and let elected representatives know that we will not suffer control freaks and fear mongers to deny our God-given right to Liberty.

  2. Well said! Americans have given up their liberty and freedom way to easily and faith leaders have as well. The “authorities” now know how easy it is to control the people and will use this again, to be sure.

  3. We DO need to be careful about not giving up our freedom of worship that GOD has given us. But in circumstances such as the Vivid 19, as Christians, we also have to look at both sides of the picture. If we insist on going out to worship, we risk spreading the sickness, not only to our own families and church friends, but to others once we leave church. Think with the heart of a TRUE CHRISTIAN here! Is ALMIGHTY GOD really going to be happy with us when we insist upon opening our churches with the threat of spreading this illness and killing people? Think about it! A building is NOT the church. That isn’t where GOD dwells. HE dwells in each and every one of US! We are the church! If we can’t worship at home for a few months without falling apart, then our faith is weak. Save your fight until Satan REALLY tries to shut us down. As long as we pray and stand up to him, it’ll never happen!

  4. CHeist Church is growin in leaps and bounds in countries where it is unlawful to be a Christian or hold meetings . In America we are guaranteed our freedom of Religion and rite to hold Religious assembly . Had the governor asked the Church to please work out a way of holding their services and keep the spread of this disease down . I am sure that every
    Church would do their part in helping . Also as a Christian we also believe that our FATHER IN HEAVEN , will protect us , and if it be That we get the virus , that He will protect us and pull us through . Our faith is at its best when it is tested or put through the fire . My advice to everyone is Pray for one another and our country like you have never done before , Seek His face , draw close to Himm and He will draw close to you , and your fears will be made to disappear in his Love and Grace .

  5. Please forgive me, but you know dog gone well that if the government asked churches to come up with a plan that allowed for crowds to continue to gather during a pandemic, that you would not have cooperated. Man, you ever been in a church? Half of the folks can’t even agree with each other half the time on church madders. There are divisions in a local church, let alone all churches, to come to consensus regarding a life and death situation.

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