How Biden is Destroying our Economy: Paying People to Stay Unemployed [Fox News Video with Steve Moore…and How You Can Meet Steve Personally]

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Steve Moore just sent out an urgent warning about our economic future.

Steve Moore is America’s #1 free-market economist.

I’ve known Steve for over 10 years. He and I speak at many of the same conferences.

He understands what it takes to increase wages, produce jobs, and grow the economy.

His insightful advice was recently seen on Fox Business where he made the following key points:

  • A recent research study with Casey Mulligan showed that over half of the workers that are unemployed right now, are getting more money in unemployment benefits (along with food stamps, rental assistance, nutrition assistance etc.) than they would if they went back to work.
  • Numerous stores, restaurants, and businesses cannot be open because they are unable to find employees that are willing to show up and work.
  • This country should not be paying people more money to stay unemployed than to work.

Click HERE to watch the video.

I encourage you to watch the video. It’s only 46-seconds, but it makes some great points.

And I invite you to join Steve and me at this year’s FreedomFest. Over 200 speakers and workshops will be there.

Steve is speaking on “Red States, Blue States” and everything in between.

My tentative two topics are:

  1. Marketing and Advertising in a Post-Pandemic Economy: 7 Urgent Actions Every President & Marketing Director Should Take Now for Increased Sales and Marketing Domination”  
  2. Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: 7 Disturbing Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream”

Other speakers include David Rubin, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey, South Dakota Gov. Krisi Noem, Larry Elder, Cal Thomas, John Fund, James O’Keefe, investment experts Mark Skousen, Doug Casey, George Gilder, Hilary Kramer, Jim Wood, and comedian J.P. Sears.

This year’s FreedomFest is in South Dakota, near Mt. Rushmore. It will be a great trip with lots of history – and the best conference of 2021.

Click HERE to see the speakers and details.

Click HERE to register.

The discount code you can use to sign-up is CDMG50.

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