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It’s time to say “no” to the school mask mandates.

It’s unscientific.

It’s not following the data.

It’s a form of child abuse hurting our kids and grandkids.

The starting point is President Biden and the Washington establishment.

And the battle to stop the masking madness is state, county, and local.

We want to present to Washington down to your local town our opposition.

We need an army to help us make masking a choice, not a government mandate.

Please sign our petition below.

We will keep you informed of how we are doing and what you can do to help.

Click HERE to sign the petition now.

Thanks in advance.

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42 Comments on “Help Stop School Masking – Sign Our Petition Now”

  1. Please place my name on the petition to stop masking our children. I am strongly against masks.


    David Murray

  2. Masks have been. proven to not work against the Covid virus, so stop making all of us wear them!

  3. Someone has said, wearing masks is like putting a diaper on before jumping in a pool! They aren’t effective. Plus mandating children to wear them affects them in many negative ways. They need to be able to breath freely! They need to be able to read peoples’ facial expressions! They need to share smiles.

  4. 100’s of thousands of California church congregants have been worshiping maskless each week for 18 months now. Make that twice a week – Sundays and Wednesdays in packed sanctuaries. No massive outbreak either.

  5. How can it be heathy for children to breathe into their lungs carbon dioxide?!! Unmask the children!!!

  6. No more masking of these healthy kids. You are not only suffocating their mouth but their freedom to speak and be heard. Polluting their minds with lies of their heritage and sowing seeds of hatred to their friends.

  7. Store bought masks don’t do that much good, since they don’t block the virus particles that are 1 to 6 microns in size !!!

  8. “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.” – God the Father to Jesus. God, the Son. This Old Testament verse (Psalm 110:1) is quoted in the New Testament way more than any other OT verse.
    “I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” -Jesus (Matthew 16:18)
    God uses us to fight against evil. He promises victory. Gates are part of a city wall. They don’t move except on their hinges. God uses us to spiritually attack hell. Keep up the fight, but be patient. God gives His enemies enough rope to hang themselves. That sometimes takes time.

  9. Since no healthy children have died of Covid and masks are detrimental to human health especially harmful to developing children (i.e. reduced oxygen to growing brains and bodies, dehumanizing others, dirty/germ infested paper or cloth strapped to a child’s face, warm, moist environment for germs to grow, etc.) WHY ARE OUR CHILDREN STILL BEING MASKED?

  10. no No AND NO!!! It is time for we the people to stand up and rise up to tyranny NO MORE…NO MORE GROUND!!! Our children are our heritage from the Lord and are the legacy of our families! I have said for years that the enemy is after our children and our children need us they need to see the emotions and the smiles on our faces to have normal functioning and brain activity and grow up with healthy emotions! We have to put a stop to this NOW before anymore damage is done!! The madness has to STOP… where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty and our freedoms are under attack and I for one refuse to sit back and let it happen God gave me a voice and also put me here in this time in history for a purpose, to occupy and to take a stand for freedom and for my family!! God help me to be brave and grant me the courage to stand steadfast in the faith and be bold in this day and hour in which I live in the Holy Mighty Name of Jesus I pray AMEN!!!

  11. Stop vaccine mandates for children. They have healthy immune systems. They don’t need man made medicine to keep them healthy. This is very irresponsible for such idiocy.

  12. This is not healthy and is harming our children psychologically. Quit using our kids, as political

  13. I’ve long been a believer in Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and brilliant theories concerning elementary education vis a vis The Waldorf Schools. This self-realized Christian and seer, a prophet of the first order, warned of the time to come when vaccinations would be required for children that would preclude their normal development as self-realized individuals in the Christian sense.

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