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It’s time to say “no” to the school mask mandates.

It’s unscientific.

It’s not following the data.

It’s a form of child abuse hurting our kids and grandkids.

The starting point is President Biden and the Washington establishment.

And the battle to stop the masking madness is state, county, and local.

We want to present our opposition to Washington and down to your local town.

We need an army to help us make masking a choice, not a government mandate.

Please sign our petition below – and help us get more people to sign.

We will keep you informed of how we are doing and what you can do to help.

Click HERE to sign the petition now.

Thanks in advance.

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6 Comments on “Help Stop School Masking – Sign Our Petition Now”

  1. STOP requiring our children to wear face masks at school. It’s unconstitutional and usurping the will of their parents. My grandson has a horrible rash on his face because of having to wear face masks. Let our children be children again and stop encouraging fear of being normal.

  2. The masks are unhealthy and constrict motion and conversation. Muzzles are for dogs that may bite someone rather than people trying to concentrate and learn.

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