Heads Spin: President Trump’s New Religious Freedom Rules Stop Christian Discrimination and Government Bigotry Against Christians

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Are things changing for Christians and our religious rights?

Let me explain…

  1. Christian rights are under attack in the U.S.

Christians have been discriminated against.

Christians have been treated as 2nd class citizens.

Christians have been marginalized.

Federal and State agencies and government schools all have trampled on or abused Christian rights.

For example:

  • A high school student at Pine Creek High School in Colorado Springs began a prayer meeting with fellow students at school. He was told to stop because it violated the “separation of church and state.”
  • Members of our military have been told they could not display a Bible, and Christian groups could not offer military members any assistance if their faith was part of it.
  • The President just announced new government rules that state public schools, state and federal governments will all allow Christians to enjoy freedom of speech and First Amendment rights.

     The established standards of the Free Exercise and Free Speech clauses of the First Amendment will be enforced.

  • The pro-socialists/big government politicians, media, and bureaucrats are fighting mad.

The President is being unfairly attacked.

The false and misleading slogan “separation of church and state” is being used.

But this is nowhere in the constitution.

The establishment clause does not stop religious action and expression by students, military members, or anyone.

They are allowed to live out, express their beliefs and share their faith even on government property or when government funding is involved.

  • President Trump is not “forcing” religious beliefs on people as he is being accused of doing.

The new regulations/rules do not sanction official approval of prayer in schools or the military, or VA hospitals or government programs.

It only prevents government officials from violating the basic religious rights of Christians under the Constitution to express their ideas – just as others can express secular beliefs.

  • These rules are revolutionary for Christians… except…

The new rules will help Christians and Christian groups nationwide.

Unfortunately, just as they overturned Obama’s anti-Christian secular rules that he created, they can be overturned by a new President.

For the president to create these new rules to protect our rights is big. Very big.


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