Great Feedback – Thanks!

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I always appreciate encouragement from readers…

And I’m so glad I got so much of it from my special report I sent out last Saturday.

The title was The Battle of Bible Verses: 8 Little-Known Facts Every Christian Should Know About the Illegal Immigrant Child Separation Chaos.

You can access it here:

Here are a couple of the comments I received:


Thank you, Craig Huey, for your truthful, reasonable, powerful, & clear writing on the immigration problem. Every American should read this with an open mind so they can see the conundrum government causes when they don’t deal with their job to protect our borders & instead pass “little laws” which encourage chaos & arguments in the future.

I will pass this on and pray.

God bless you & continue to give you wisdom & insight.

In appreciation,


P.S.  I have only been following you since May. You helped me make sense of our long ballot.


thank you Craig—

great clarity; this is the best analysis I’ve seen or read on this complex situation

a sure sign of the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit !

God bless you, and may your voice expand nationally and globally, 

pastor jeff


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2 Comments on “Great Feedback – Thanks!”

  1. Hi Craig
    My wife and I are Calvary Chapel (CM) folks and our kids have gone to school there k-12 (son just graduated – daughter going in to 6th. I can’t imagine having our kids in a public school anymore. I am a native and this once great state has gone to a place I never would have thought possible.
    My wife and I love what you do and want to help support by offering to volunteer for you. We are located in south OC but can drive. We are both semi retired business people and have some spare time.
    We worked on the Trump campaign making calls etc and also on Phil Liberatore’s (Dist 39) campaignwho we know and love so much.
    What concerns me is that I recently offered to volunteer for the GOP here in CA – no reply.
    Also for John Cox “3 times” – (FB, his website form and email) – nada!
    This happened to me so it’s likely it has happened to thousands others here in Ca.
    If the GOP and Cox himself are so unorganized that able bodied people who want to help are being ignored (other than asking for cash), Gavin Newsome will win.
    We’ve got one shot at this – I am praying they get it together, fast.
    God bless you and your team!!
    Mike Scally

  2. Hi Mike! I went to original Calvary Chapel when it was around 250 & then my discipleship hkme helped build the church building that held a few 1000. About Newsome, my apostle prophesied about him about 15 yrs ago & said wherever the mayor of San Fran was that where he goes so does CA & where it goes, so goes the nation. He went to Lt Gov & most likely will be Gov. These are the end times when wickedness & lawlessness will fill the land Dan 8 Matt 24 AMP. Get ready for great sacrifice. Watch & pray that you might live a holy & worthy life that God approves of Luke 21. Be blessed in your obedience.

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