Governor Shocks Nation by Proclaiming Day of Prayer and Repentance: Media Demands He Rescind It [Video]

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The Governor of Tennessee made a bold move…

He signed and issued an official proclamation calling for prayer, humility and repentance throughout the state.

The media attacked him.

The politicians attacked him.

And liberal pastors attacked him.

I was with my wife, Shelly, at a church near Franklin, Tennessee called Grace Chapel Leiper’s Fork.

The Pastor asked everyone to come to a massive rally in Nashville.


Because the Governor had made the declaration and he wanted his church, their friends and others to attend.

And they did.

Here is a video of Governor Bill Lee asking people to attend (1 ½ minutes).

Click here to watch video.

Here are three things you should know:

  1. The Governor was under huge pressure not to issue the proclamation.

And when he did, was strongly pressured to rescind it. But he stood strong and he stood up and made the declaration anyway.

  • The Politicians, the media, the liberal Pastors all criticized him.

I was watching the local news that evening and saw the negative TV attacks on how dare he cross the line of separation of church and state…

And how he was attacked for refusing to rescind the proclamation … and how he was going to come to this rally.

Yet they showed a poll taken that indicated 69% of the people approved what the Governor did.

  • Thousands went to the rally for a night of prayer and repentance.

Many Pastors followed up the event with a Sunday morning service dealing with the issue of repentance.

Pastor Steve Berger is the Pastor of Grace Chapel Leiper’s Fork.

I first met him at the CNP conference in Washington D.C. where he gave a powerful prayer on repentance to a room filled of conservative and Christian leaders.

True to form this sermon should be proclaimed in every pulpit in America.

Be sure to take a look at it. Click here (43 ½ minutes).

Here is what the proclamation said:

“Whereas, the people of Tennessee are thankful to call this remarkable state home, from the towering Smokey Mountains in the east to the mighty Mississippi River in the west, and every remarkable scene in between; for our people who come from all over the world to find opportunity and hope in our thriving cities and beautiful rural communities; for this and much more we give thanks; and

“Whereas, we seek forgiveness from our transgressions; from acts of discrimination, oppression and injustice; and inaction caused by greed, pride, and indifference; for these and many more we ask forgiveness; and

“Whereas, the people of Tennessee seek wisdom and discernment for our state in the days ahead to support thriving families and communities across our state, to promote an environment of opportunity for every Tennessean, and to ensure our safety and freedom; for these challenges we seek wisdom; and

“Whereas, the people of Tennessee acknowledge our rich blessings, our deep transgressions, and our complex challenges, and further acknowledge the need to give thanks to God Almighty, to turn from our transgressions and ask for God’s forgiveness, and to humble ourselves and seek God’s wisdom and guidance;

“Now, therefore, I Bill Lee, Governor of the State of Tennessee, do hereby proclaim October 10, 2019 as a voluntary Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting in Tennessee and encourage all citizens to join me in this worthy observance.”

What about your state? Could your governor sign a similar proclamation?

I encourage you to pray for this type of event. Encourage your pastor to have this type of event locally. Encourage your pastor to encourage other pastors to promote an event like this statewide.

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6 Comments on “Governor Shocks Nation by Proclaiming Day of Prayer and Repentance: Media Demands He Rescind It [Video]”

  1. I’m with the pastor all the way. First of all he did right by being obedient to God. Secondly, he has the first amendment right to do so.
    Knowing how the politically correct establishment had it been a Muslim making such proclamation the people opposing the pastor would have stumbled over each other to support him.

  2. We as a country, do need to repent! We have turned so far away from God now, that it’s reflected in all that is going on today. The corruption of our government and our country, and all the hatred towards Trump his supporters is all tied in to the fact that many in this country now believe they don’t need God’s Will or His boundaries. You have to be completely dead in your soul to not see or care about what’s going on in our country today!

  3. I agree we have all sinned. We must stop corruption. Pres Trump must root out corruption in the government including his own corruption. We must fast and pray that he will come to God. All racists must repent because they have enslaved others and rich corporations must stop their exploitation of the people including big pharma. America must repent. Thank you governor for being faithful to the word of God not to politics or party

  4. I’m ready to move to Tennessee. Between a governor like that and a senate like Marsha Blackburn I would be represented in ways that represent my beliefs. All praise for his convictions.

  5. I’m ready to move to Tennesse as well!!! Most POWERFUL sermon I have EVER heard from Pastor Berger! God bless you for bringing forth, not a solution, but THE ONLY SOLUTION!!! ….to heal ourselves and our nation!

  6. We need more governors like this one. America needs a spiritual revival and it starts with prayer.

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