FreedomFest 2019 Follow-Up: Buy My Talks on CD … and Get Other Talks as Well

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This year’s FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas was special. It was great seeing so many of you there…

I know many more of you wanted to come but weren’t able to.

Here’s a solution…

You can still listen to the talks I gave … and the talks of some or all of the other speakers.

Click here if you’re interested in ordering a full set of all the talks that were given. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the different purchase options.

Click here if you want to order individual talks. My two talks are on page 3 and page 5. The CDs are $10 each.

The talks that were recorded as DVDs are $15 each. But you can get 3 CDs for $25, 4 or more for $5 each.

And you can get 2 DVDs for $25, 3 or more for $10 each.

Check out all the options here.

Listen to some of the FreedomFest 2019 talks … and become an expert in spreading the message of free-market economics and individual liberty.

What do you think? Email me at

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